Stuff and Things: ZOMBIES!

The undead (or revelers in Glasgow City Center)

The undead (or revelers in Glasgow City Center)

They are pretty much everywhere nowadays (hooray if you happen to be like myself and enjoy things with zombies. Gutted if you don’t) which I quite like. Every year we get some new zombie book, some zombie films, The Walking Dead is still going strong (both in print and T.V) and a ton of video games every year feature zombies in some way or another.

This week I decided to have a bit of fun and hopefully get some of you to join in on this lazy Sunday for a wee game of Fantasy Zombie Survival Team Assemble Go!

Basically think of five comicbook heroes you would like on your Zombie survival team (assume you have already kept all your loved ones safe to put your mind at ease, these guys are your commando unit.) Try not to just pick out your favourite heroes and think about the roles they would play on your team, justify having them. Also we are playing by classic Romero zombie rules.

Here’s my team to get you started.

1. Wolverine – Healing Factor would negate the zombie virus meaning you could send him out against hordes of the undead with little worry, his years of combat experience and adamantium claws would prove valuable weapons in the apocalypse, especially if no-one packed a can opener.
2. Batman – We could all hang out in Wayne manor and the bat cave while Bruce takes samples of Wolverines blood to try and synthesize a cure for the recently bitten (not turned) and he can handle himself in combat… Alfred could whip up everyone some sandwiches from time to time.
3. The Punisher – Who wouldn’t feel safe having Frank Castle around in the apocalypse? he’d have Wayne Manors grounds rigged with all sorts of booby traps to take out zombies AND douchebags who’d only wanna steal your stuff, plus he’s pretty handy with a gun, he could teach you how to hit the head with every shot.
4. The Flash – While he’s not one of my favourite characters, he’d be bloody well handy to send on supply runs. You’d never be short of food when you have a guy can get it from the other side of the planet before you could say “we’re out of peanut-butter!”.
5. Emma Frost – She can turn her skin to diamond so you dont hafta worry about bites, She could read the minds of other survivors to see if they are cool or not and she rarely wears much clothing…….which isn’t important really but it’s a bonus.

Who would you have? Why would you have them?
Sound off in the comments!


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