Deadpool game gets mature rating.

13913_356789634435675_481746362_nIt’s Official, Deadpool : The Videogame gets a Mature rating from the ESRB (entertainment software ratings board) citing reasons that the game contains “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Sexual Content, Strong Language.”

A detailed list of content also included,

“Battles are frenetic and accompanied by screams of pain, gunfire, and large blood-splatter effects.
Some attacks result in dismemberment or decapitations; body parts and bloodstains can be seen on the ground.
Players can also employ stealth attacks, in which close-up camera angles depict more severe damage against enemies.
Throughout the game, the protagonist provides irreverent commentary and jokes amidst the exaggerated acts of violence (e.g., “No guts no glory” when hanging from his entrails; “Oh that’s gonna leave a mark” when dismembering an enemy; “That’s because you have more comics than me” when repeatedly beating a character on the ground).
The dialogue also contains mature humor, sexual material and innuendo
Other instances of mature humor include an extended toilet scene and the pumping up of an inflatable doll.”

Sounds EXACTLY like the Deadpool game we all wanted!

The writer of this piece was:
Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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