Mug of Duff – 25/02/2013 ‘That shit wouldn’t work in real life’


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I don’t know about you but over the last few years I’ve seen a few people try to apply ‘real world’ science to superheroes. 

Occasionally this is actually referenced in comics themselves like the Powerless mini-series published by Marvel a few years back in which Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive Spider and instead of being blessed with great responsibility was instead cursed with a withered arm.

Theres also been some internet commentary on it but honestly, do you care? One of the lines that sticks in my head was in reference to the Flash and the author, a biologist of some apparent renown said, ‘I don’t know what kind of body would be immune to air friction but I wouldn’t want to see it’. For me, comics require a great deal of suspension of disbelief but, and this is an important part for me, as long as they follows the laws and rules established by the narrative (and they don’t always) I’m fine with it.

What do you think, should comics at least acknowledge real world science or is that a fools errand? 

Can you think of any examples of comic book science that have annoyed or bewildered you either by their ridiculousness or inconsistency? 


The writer of this piece was:
Stu_AvatarStuart Duff aka (Stu)
Article: Mug of Duff
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