Mark Millar Talks Kick Ass 2!


During the Glasgow Film Festival, I had the experience to go to a Question and Answer session with Mark Millar, the renowned writer of Kick-Ass, Nemesis, Wanted, and many other spectacular comics. He told us tales from working at Marvel, what it was like now working with Fox, and what is latest adventures in the entertainment business are, along with Kick Ass 2, and a Nemesis movie!

I’m actually really excited about Kick Ass 2, it’s a bit like having a baby, in the sense that you hope everything is okay, you know, cause, there is a long gestation period and you hope everything is going along and everything is fine and the end result is good. Everything I’ve seen so far looks great! What you want when you’re a writer is that they are better than the source material, then you look really good, cause most people see your stuff as a film, they don’t really see it as a comic. Your stuffs much more well known through other media and when it’s on television more people see it again. So far so great, I’ve seen 70 minutes of the movie so far in no particular order, just all out of sequence, whether I’ve been on set or in the edit suite and it looks great.”

Kick Ass 2 will be the first ‘super group’ movie out since The Avengers, which ranks it quite high up, and along with that he informed us that Jim Carrey has been brought into the movie.

His role in the film, when it was a comic was an important character, but not pivotal you know, but Jim has came in and literally stolen every scene he’s been in, and I don’t know if you’re fans of Jim Carrey, I’ve always seen the genius behind every single thing he did, he’s an absolutely brilliant performer, but you don’t realise how good he is until you see him in this raw material. Everything he does is clever, little things he’s ad libbed in, it’s so charismatic, and you it makes you realise how these big actors get paid 20 million dollars, because they do bring something extra to it.”

Sadly, there won’t be a cameo in Kick Ass 2 like Stan Lee enjoys to do in the films, but he was saying to look out for small details in the film that will link to him, such as ‘Millarworld’ posters, or the name ‘Millar’ on a plaque on a desk, just small touches. Mark goes on to tell us that there are three “really cool” teaser trailers coming out soon for Kick Ass 2 and we’ve to “have a porn break” to watch them, so hopefully they’ll be out soon to watch and enjoy!

He also gave us a sigh of relief by adding, “I would rather kill a project, than have something come out that I don’t like.” so that’s always a good thing, and we can hope for Kick Ass 2 to be just as good, if not better than the first.

Along with Mark’s wit and enthusiasm about everything he does, he told us about a book he had written previously called American Jesus. A Studio Executive wanted to buy it off of him to make into a movie, but the studio wanted to take Jesus out of it.“It’s called American Jesus, but they were like, ‘Could we call it American David or something?’ but its about the confrontation of Jesus and the Anti Christ, its about the Book of Revelations, and they were like ‘We would rather play down all the religious stuff’ and I was like, right, kill it, and you’ve just got to be ruthless, if something is not the way you want it to be then you’ve got to stop it.” So sorry to all the fans of American Jesus, but there won’t be a film out soon!

A very interesting question came from the audience asking if there is anyone that Mark would like to see branching into comic book movies.

What’s funny is your wish list is almost done, because all those great guys have done a superhero film, but what’s interesting is that I think this generation are the first generation that actually loved it as a kid, that have now gotten to direct it, and to me that’s the most important thing. These guys are the guys that have grown up with Dark Knight and Watchmen as their favourite comics when they were 18, and these guys love Frank Miller and Allen Moore and would love to do that sort of thing as a Director, but guys ten years older didn’t grow up with that so they don’t quite have that same affinity, and I think you see that when those sort of guys do superhero films. Tim Burton and Richard Donner were quite unusual, but the rest were quite poor, and you know that the guy that did The Phantom or something didn’t dream of doing the Phantom, it was just a gig, where as whenever Zack Snyder did Watchmen, he was really passionate about it, he read the book over 20 years ago and he’d always wanted to make the movie. And I love that, I love that the best Directors in the world as comic book fans. Duncan Jones is a guy I’d love to see, I think he’d be great doing Judge Dredd, if he came in a directed Dredd 2 it would be phenomenal. I mean Tarantino is amazing, you’d go and see The Atom is it was directed by him. That’s be great actually!”

After speaking about Kick Ass 2, he went on to talk about his new role in Fox, where he is consulting on the superhero movies that they are doing.

They thought it would be really good to have someone come in and pull all the superhero movies together and have a sort of plan with them, because Marvel have done that really well, to pull everything together into a universe as such, because I never thought that Ben Affleck’s Daredevil was in the same universe as Fantastic Four, or X-Men, but the idea will be to make it all feel like it was one thing. I feel like Fox have really gotten their act together, there’s a real sort of set up at Fox and they are really passionate about their stuff, and it’s funny because Fox gets a bit of a bad rep, because people point out the movies that weren’t so great, but the X-Men movies were good. The guys in charge now as really aware of what works and what doesn’t. Millarworld is my main job, and this other job is something that I’ll fit in around that, but I would never have signed up for it if I never thought that those guys were doing the best possible thing the could.”

Mark gave us the news that most of us were waiting for on that there will be a Nemesis movie coming out soon, and is in production just now. There will also be another Nemesis book coming out later this year.

We’ve had Nemesis 2 planned for a wee while, but Steve is unfortunately under contract in Marvel, so he has to do his Marvel stuff first, we planned to have it out a few months ago, Nemesis Returns was going to start in September, but we’ve had to put it back to the end of this year unfortunately. It’s a shame because I’m desperate to get that out there, the movie is going to be based on the first book, but the plan is to do it as a series of films as well.”

We can expect many more big things from Mark in the future, and I certainly look forward to it!

I would like to thank Mark Millar for doing the question and answer session, along with Glasgow Film Festival for making this happen.

Although the festival is over, please continue to support it and go next year because it’s just getting bigger and better each year!

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