Thoughts on Wonder Woman.

wwWith the disappointing news that there won’t be a Wonder Woman movie getting made, it made me begin to think. What if they never produce a Wonder Woman movie?

I have grown up with strong female roles like Wonder Woman, and with characters like Ripley from Alien and Xena the Warrior Princess, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They are all beautiful, strong women who are proud to do what is right and show you just how powerful a woman can be. Reading or watching these characters in action didn’t just give me the thrill of going into a new universe or dimension, but it taught me to be proud of what I believe in, fight for what is right no matter what, and to be proud to be a woman.

It was said that a Wonder Woman film “wouldn’t be as popular as the other superhero films out today” but to that I say they know nothing about the power of the female fan base!
A Wonder Woman movie would be an amazing game changer for the female comic fans, because it means the media is choosing to not succumb to that which it knows will bring in money, but to what people want even if it is a bit risky. That’s what the movie industry needs just now, some risk. How can hundreds of fan made trailers and movie posters be wrong for a movie that would bring in millions, and make millions of Wonder Woman fans so very very happy.

What do you think, should there be a Wonder Woman movie? And not even that, should there be more female related comic movies brought out? Do you think it would flop or would it fly high in the cinemas? Let me know in the comments, I really am interested!

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Chris_AvatarChris Bennet
Article: I Hate It Here
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