Creator Spotlight – Nathan Wozniak

486037_361889090592396_799229799_nToday’s spotlight is an artist by the name of Nathan Wozniak, who’s work can be found on his wordpress at

Name: Nathan Wozniak

Occupation: Freelance Comic artist/writer + Office worker

Worst job: Primark customer assistant

Main influences: I’m a huge superhero fan, loving comics since my childhood but i’m also a fan of general fantasy and sci fi fiction.

What have you been involved in?: I’ve created artwork for the comicbook published by British comic book shop the Grinning Demon, written by industry professional Dan Abnett.

Top 5 Heroes:  Superman, Fantastic Four (if they can count as one), Thor, Wonder Woman, The Flash

Top 5 Villains:  Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, Darkseid, Braniac, Galactus

What got you into comics?: An early fascination with superheroes combined with a love of drawing.

Favourite Comic Moment: Superman marrying Lois Lane (in the 90’s).

Where can you be seen next?: If all goes to plan I should have artwork and stories published by new independent company R-Comics ( ) later in the year.

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