Stuff and Things: Sweet Lenore


It’s sunday again meaning y’all get to read whatever crap spills out of my brain and onto this page! YAY!

This week I’d like to shift a little attention onto a series that I hold very dear to my heart. Despite all of the awesome superhero stories, gritty action books and gore filled horror stories I read. One series of comics somehow grabbed my interest with it’s cutely drawn characters and darkly childish sense of humour.
Today I want to talk about Lenore.

NO! not the fabric softener, the cute little dead girl.

I first discovered Lenore around about 12 years ago (long ass time) as I was bumbling around killing time in Forbidden Planet looking to pick up a couple of new trade’s (graphic novels for the noobs) and I spotted a couple of books who’s titles made me chuckle away to myself. It was The collected issues of Lenore in two paperbacks, “Noogies” and “Wedgies”.

I was (and still am) a big fan of Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas and Lenore looked like something similar so I picked one up and had a wee flick through only to stop after reading the first short story, grab both books, pay and quickly exit the store so I could go home and read away.

I was hooked instantly by the dark but childish comedy found in each story and Roman Dirge’s art was simple but stunning. His writing could perfectly capture a moment of comic genius and he could deliver laughs with cleverly drawn panels with little or no dialogue.

Originally inspired by the poem “Lenore” by Edgar Allen Poe,
Lenore made her first appearance way back in 1992 in a magazine called Xenophobe magazine. The title was later picked up and published by Slave Labor Graphics (Home also to Johnny the homicidal maniac and Bear) from 1998 – 2000.
Lenore is the tale of a little girl who’s dead and kinda evil but she doesn’t realize it and gets into all sorts of hilarious hijinks for it.

From loving her pets so much they die (or end up broken accidentally) to accidentally killing neighborhood kids by accidentally wrapping a jump rope round their necks and slamming them into the ground repeatedly while she daydreams. Lenore puts nothing more than a big smile on my face every time I pick it up, the art, the characters, the stories and the twisted yet childish humor all add up to a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable read. The perfect series of books to pick up if you’re having a bad day and need cheered up. Check them out.

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