Superteen Schoolyard Battle Royal – THE FINAL!


It’s time!

After twelve extremely grisly teenage deaths, we are down to our grand finale! Four teenagers have survived our ‘kill or be killed’ tournament, and now find themselves facing the ultimate challenge, a four-way anything goes battle to the death!

To refresh your memories, our finalists are;

Wins over Batgirl and Kid Loki have propelled the power telekinetic and telepath to the finals, and while his control over those powers has been a little unfocused, the sheer scale of his abilities have been more than enough to overwhelm his opposition thus far. But just how will he fare against three extremely capable opponents?

The Viltrumite defeated Supergirl and X-23 en route to the finals, and his superhuman strength, speed and flight make him an extremely tough matchup for anyone and – on paper, at least – many people’s favourite to emerge victorious in this tournament.

Chase Stein.
With an utterly remarkable run thus far that has included victories over Shazam and Superboy, Chase (along with Raptor ‘Old Lace’) has taken full advantage of the ‘magic bullets’ provided to successfully take down his super powered opposition. Can his underdog run continue, or is he destined to fall just short in what would possibly be one of the biggest upsets of all time?

Damian Wayne.
Our fourth finalist – and many people’s sentimental choice to win – Damian has survived grueling wars of attrition against Miles Morales and Hit-Girl to secure his place in the finals. Highly trained, highly focused, and with perhaps the strongest will to win out of all of our finalists, it remains to be seen whether his smarts and skills will be enough to help him survive what promises to be a brutal melee.

So here’s the setup. Rather than a single zone, the competitors are dropped at opposite corners of a large city spanning around ten square miles. Each has had a full week to heal their wounds and has been given either a short briefing (in the case of Invincible and X-Man) or an extremely detailed one (in the case of Chase and Damian) on their opponents skills, experience and weaknesses. They have also been shown video footage of their opponents’ previous victories. Chase has his power gauntlets and boots (and Old Lace, naturally), while Damian is fully armed and has access to a Bat-cycle.

The magic bullet in this zone –which Chase and Damian both know the location of – is an experimental power-nullifying rifle that will (on a direct hit) strip either X-Man or Invincible of their powers temporarily. It’s unclear how many charges the rifle has, or the full extent of its effects, but it’s definitely going to be one of the most effective ways to take down the ‘supes’ in the finals.

However, in a slight change for you guys, we’re going to eliminate one person every day until we have our winner. So today, we want to hear your thoughts on the battle, who you think you will win, how the different competitors will approach the scenario, etc. etc. Then tonight, at 9pm, a poll will be posted on for you guys to vote for your favourite to win. Then, tomorrow morning at 9, the person with the least votes will be eliminated (no doubt in a fairly brutal fashion). This process will repeat on Thursday, with the second elimination coming on Friday morning.

Once we get down to the final two, we’re going to ditch the voting system and put it strictly down to a debate. And this is where you guys need to make yourselves heard. Whoever gets the most compelling arguments for victory will be named the ultimate winner. Our seven admins will vote based on what you guys have to say on Friday, and will announce the winner this Saturday warning.

Okay, wall of text over. So let’s hear your thoughts as our four competitors enter the zone. What happens next?

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