The Big Comic Page Guide to Free Comic Book Day!

freecomicbookday2013As you’ll all be aware, this Saturday (May the 4th) is Free Comic Book Day, which means you’ll be able to pop into your local comic shop and pick up a selection of some of the exclusive free titles available.

However, with most shops having a policy limiting just how many comics each customer can receive (usually 2 or 3), just how can you possible decide which comics to pick up???

Well thankfully, we’re here to help with that, and have quizzed our admins on just what title they’d recommend. Now obviously we have some fairly different tastes when it comes to comics, but here’s what freebies we think you guys should be grabbing this Saturday.

Ceej Recommends… Infinity!

STK525555While we’re all no doubt laboring under the effects of ‘event fatigue’, this comic serves as the opening introduction to what promises to actually be an extremely interesting crossover. Set to kick off in August, the Infinity crossover involves Thanos (yay!) launching an attack on the Earth while the Avengers are off-planet battling the ‘Builders’ (who were recently introduced in Hickman’s Avengers title). The six-issue event will cross over with the Avengers and New Avengers, and should provide a nice dose of cosmic Marvel goodness. The event will also feature The Inhumans, Nova and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Hickman is a master at these type of epic events, and the simple fact that it includes Thanos is more than enough for me to recommend it. Plus, it has easily the coolest cover of all the FCBD titles, which should be reason alone for you guys to pick it up!

Jamie recommends… The Walking Dead!

TheWalkingDeadFCBD2013_CorrectedThis Walking Dead special serves as an introduction to Tyreese – who recently made his debut in season 3 of the Walking Dead TV series – before he met up with Rick’s group in the comics. This special comic also features short stories about Morgan, the Governor and fan favourite Michonne. This is set to be a must-have for fans of the comic as these stories will never be printed in any of the trade paperbacks and will also be good for fans of the show looking to find out a little more about the characters of the show.

Chris Recommends… The Tick!

STK525193For anyone that grew up in the 90’s the tick was a strange cult hit cartoon/live action series that has continued in comic form. Fun for all ages, and one of the few “funny books” that’s actually amusing!


GK Recommends… Judge Dredd Classics!

STK525516Because Bolland!! OK that was brief but that should be enough to make anyone pick this up. It goes without saying how much of a legend Brian Bolland is. The stories printed in this preview of IDW’s latest Dredd Series (alongside their own Judge Dredd … Which FYI is hit0and-miss) are recolored 2000AD strips so you won’t be getting anything new but what you will be getting is Judge Death’s origin story which seems about the best choice to make Dredd accessible which you would imagine is the point in these new US reprints. After all, Death has always been the Joker to Dredd’s Batman. Mixed metaphors aside the new colors added to these panels are fantastic when the issue kicks off the tones are dark and grey which really adds to the eeriness of Judge Death appearing. Written by a little known writer in John Howard… not really, just another Wagner pseudonym which is about the cherry on top. So to recap: Judge Death, Judge Death’s best artist and Judge Dredd’s greatest writer.

Greg Recommends… TMNT New Animated Adventures!

STK525515Why? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Heroes in a half shell…….TURTLE POWER!

’nuff said!

Samii recommends…Steam Engines of Oz!

STK525211I love comic versions of my favourite childhood classics, and this one seems to tickle my interest even more because of the use of beautifully drawn steam punk models. It’s set 100 years after all the events in OZ, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all ties in and what happens! It’ll go nicely next to my other fairytale comics indeed It has the lovely artwork, awesome storyline, and it has robots, who doesn’t love robots?!

So there you have it. Our recommendations of what you guys should be picking up this Saturday. But don’t worry if you don’t fancy anything we’ve suggested, because there are 52 free comics in all that should definitely cater to all tastes and interests. So get into your local comic shop and after you’ve picked up your freebies, have a look around and see if anything else tickles your fancy. Your comic community needs you!

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