GK’s Under the Influence: Illusion is just misdirection

Shssss keep it to yourself!

Shusssh keep it to yourself!

Right pretty point to make this week… Spoilers, The bane of modern storytelling.
It seems to me that these days no matter where you go, you just can’t seem to avoid spoilers. I know that is somewhat silly to say when we ourselves post some on occasion but for the most part we play it safe the recent Damian Wayne storyline in Batman inc. we kept at arms length as we also did with the Iron Man 3 … Trevor Slattery indeed.

Firstly let’s look at comics after all that is the main focus of us. The problem is essentially that it’s the information age we are being constantly inundated with feeds of information so the second Spider-man decides (or rather the writer decides) he needs to change his undies then BOOM! It’s online. Then secondly comic companies know this and also know that the more outlandish the idea then the harder it hits the collective feed of information which means there marketing job is made easier just by having loose lips on twitter or appearing on a pod. So it is no longer in there interests to play coy and allow you to get that last page surprise, It is almost as though there is no point reading the actual comic if you have seen the solicits. Yet knowing this we still read the solicits and trawl the sites.

My next point is that people are also getting smart so when companies decide that they do want secrets to be kept it is also difficult for them to do so without people seeing five moves ahead. In particular you could apply this to movies with (hate to use this phrase) but geeky fanbases. As soon as a movie is announced the constant rifling for information means that films are now often using misdirection to keep the secret … But is that at the cost to the plot?, That isn’t for me to say!

Look at Dark Knight Rises as soon as JGL and Marion Cotillard were announced everyone had them summed up as being Robin and Talia because it just made sense. Then came the misdirection no these are new made up for the film/ entirely original characters… SPOILERS they weren’t. Yet this continues Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness again have employed the same tactics to throw crowds of the scent, I won’t go into which tactics but will say they have. Which is either met with “such a good way of throwing you off, Really worked well” or “How dare you take these liberties with iconic characters”.
Do I have great idea as to how to keep the suspense without flat out telling you the surprise or using misdirection, No if I knew that I would be a millionaire. But from a fan perspective I just find it is wearing me down to being total cynic. “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me”.

Am I alone in this?

1 Comment on GK’s Under the Influence: Illusion is just misdirection

  1. thomas jamieson // May 13, 2013 at 9:33 pm // Reply

    I personally avoided all trailers, reviews and any other information online relating to Star Trek and Iron Man 3. I watched them both yesterday and saw both twists coming a mile off. In no way did that ruin the films for me though. I thought both movies were excellent. Benedict Cumberbatch was fantastic in Star Trek and Shane Black knocked it out the park with Iron Man 3.

    The one thing that I was disappointed with in both films was the refusal to let a main character remain dead. It’s like the final scene in Dark Knight Rises. The story would have had a much greater impact without the return and would have provided an excellent plot point for both franchises in the next outing, or as is rumoured to be the case with Iron Man: a good, solid curtain call.

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