The greatest onscreen Superman poll has ended and the winner is…

Cli1A couple of weeks ago, we asked you who you felt WAS (past tense) the greatest onscreen Superman. Well, you voted on our poll and ultimately – but not really surprisingly – the 1978 classic Superman won. Clearly the direction of Richard Donner and acting of Christopher Reeve spoke to you. But then, springboarding off that result, we asked a more important question;

“Superman or Man of Steel, which is the greatest EVER onscreen Superman?”

Well, we left the poll open a week and allowed for the votes to come in and can now reveal that the winner is….

Man of Steel (65%)

man-of-steel-flagMan of Steel won by a clear margin. Perhaps ‘Superman’ is now seen as antiquated, or perhaps the high octane buzz from Man of Steel has still to wear off. Regardless, and in the face of mixed criticism, Man of Steel flew **DRUM ROLL** ahead.

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