‘I Suck at This’ reviews by J – Deadpool Game


Yes It has finally happened, we waited ages for it but it finally happened. Deadpool got his own videogame and it DIDN’T SUCK!

The game kicks off with our favourite merc awaiting a call back from the games developers regarding the videogame (fourth wall be damned!) and after some *cough* persuasion *cough* our hero gets a script sent through the post which he promptly ignores and opts to wing his way through the game instead.

The game play is a slightly above average hack n slash’em up and plays similar to Wolverine Origins (great game but terrible movie) with hints of Arkham City. Being a Deadpool game however there are a few segments that are just plain crazy and a few parodies of other gaming franchises including a “slow motion, first person door breach” clearly tipping it’s hat to Activisons Call of Duty franchise.

While at times the controls can feel a little clunky it’s not really a major issue, the biggest gripe about the controls is the evade and counter control is the same button so when facing multiple enemies your timing needs to be perfect to execute a successful counter or you’ll teleport and break your combo meter. If you are like me though you’ll view this as an inviting challenge rather than a hindrance.

While the gameplay is not really groundbreaking, the games script and humour carry it head and shoulders above other games in the genre and really make the game a total joy to play. Nolan North once again delivers an awesome vocal performance as Deadpool including giving the voices in his head some character and while a lot of the humour has its head in the gutter I found myself laughing out loud for most of the games 6 odd hours of gameplay.


What worked: The game is fun to play and often hilarious.

What didn’t work: It’s a little lacking in bonus content and could be a little longer.


The writer of this piece was:
Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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