Screencrapped: X-Men: Stills, Mecha Samurai and Apocalypse, Guardians in Hall H, Gina Carano in Liefeld Project and Crow poster.

ScreenCrappedWe said it last time but;
Yet again in the past few days since we last threw together one of these there has been an explosion of comic book movie news, But that is to be expected due to SDCC being just days away so expect much of the same for the next week or so.


There has yet again been an explosion in X-Men movie related news leaking out of SDCC and on the interwebz to the point where it is hard to keep up. Firstly there was the Sentinel display at comic con but speaking of mechas also on display at comic con was this display of the Silver Samurai (from which shows further detail to the movie iteration of Silver Samurai being mechanized as briefly seen in the trailer of the Wolverine, Clearly cybernetics has advanced hugely in the X-Men movies.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Then images promotional stills started to appear, if you like us on Facebook you will have seen the image we posted featuring a spot on Omar Sy looking like Bishop as well as Magneto, Xavier and Colossus in ‘Future’ wear. The images originated from the official tumblr page but were quickly pulled but by that point, CBM and SHH had managed to grab them. On top of those previously posted by us on Facebook are the following.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Nothing new in terms of the First Class costumes but as you will notice Wolverine on the top left hand does indeed appear to be wearing yellow and blue as well as appearing aged with white streaks. How does this come about?

And lastly with X-men news is a huge rumor that if true certainly points to Fox taking the lead set by Marvel studios in terms of building an extended universe with one huge villain who will appear prominently. Rumors indicate that Apocalypse will be a central villain behind the new alleged expanded X-men universe (IE X-Force), With the current direction of time travel and perhaps an X-Force movie it would seem to give credance to the rumor. Unleash the Fanboy quoted a unnamed source as saying ““He’s definitely a big part of Fox’s whole plan for a big X-Men universe with spin-off movies.  The Avengers really is the template here”.

Are audiences ready for Apocalypse?

Are audiences ready for Apocalypse?


Well this story is a giant bag of WTF but apparently Rob Liefeld and former MMA fighter and Actress Gina Carano are looking to get a movie adaptation of the ground with her in the role. Avengelyne told the story of a fallen warrior Angel and was one of the many titles Leifeld creating during his most prolific days in the 90’s. Personally I think it can’t hurt to see this as a film but at the same time Avengelyne has been published infrequently so would be harder to find a fanbase and that is coupled with the fact if Wonder Woman or other great female characters failing to make the screen, it would certainly work against Leifeld and Carano’s favour. Both will be at SDCC signing posters of her as Avengelyne.

Avengelyne and CaranoYou decide?

Avengelyne and Carano
You decide?

The Crow

A teaser poster dropped via Shocktillyoudrop for the yet to film Crow adaptation that will feature Luke Evans in the roll of Eric Draven. Not very much in terms of news on this other than the poster by Crow creator (and movie creative consultant) James O’Barr which looks superb. Check the original link for his interview with Shocktillyoudrop on the film.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to feature prominently in Hall H on Saturday due to the presence of the following tweets. Speculation is that rough footage will be shown, however given this only started filming a matter of weeks ago it seems at the very least Marvel’s panel will at the very least have a cast reveal.


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