DC’s Villains Month 3D Titles “sell out”, 2D covers planned.

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It seems that the $3.99 3D covers for the DC’s Villain’s Month titles are sold out at a publisher level, with every copy planned to be printed already allocated to retailers. Which is great news for DC and everything, but possibly not for collectors eager to get their hands on the ultra-sexy covers.

However, DC has announced that – in order to fulfill demand for the titles – each comic will also have a Standard Edition 2D title with a $2.99 cover price, and that these will ship at the same time as the 3D ones.

Which begs the question… given the choice, would you guys rather pay an extra buck for the fancy cover, or – taking into account just how many of these villains month titles there are – does the idea of cheaper 2D covers sound more appealing to you?

Let us know what you think, and if you can’t remember just what’s coming from DC in September, then you should check out our full Villains Month breakdown (with covers) HERE.

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