Who is the ‘best’ of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? [POLL]

It is hardly a secret to those who follow the page that a certain member of team BCP is obsessed with the heroes in half shell. To the point it often permeates casual conversation and this is the problem. You see one of said conversations lead to an argument over who is the ‘best’ of the 4 brothers. I have my own idea of who is my favorite but having access to a comic book blog gives me the benefit of throwing it out there to you and if you happen to have the same idea as me, which well would be all the better.

So I ask you this who is the ‘best’ Turtle of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? [VOTE BELOW]

1) Leo – As oldest brother he is generally considered the leader and acts as such embodying the typical personality traits of a heroic team leader.


2) Donny – The Brain (hey being a turtle doesn’t lend itself to a formal education) of the group. Always solving technical problems the group may encounter and inventing cool new gear as and when needed.


3) Raph – Brash and caustic but fiercely loyal, His methods often put him at odds with the more traditional Leonardo.

4) Mikey – The goofy one, Always joking around and trying to keep morale high.

The writer of this piece was: Greg_AvatarGreg Watt
Article: Top 5 (Prev: Casting Couch)
Greg can also be caught on Facebook
Edited by GK

Turtles artwork by Tanya Roberts

2 Comments on Who is the ‘best’ of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? [POLL]

  1. Donatello all the way!

  2. It IS and FOREVER will be Raphael!

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