Should The Flash be on TV or on Film? [POLL]

LASHsquIn last weeks poll Greg asked who is the greatest of the Ninja Turtles you spoke with a majority of the votes collected going to Donatello with 52% of the votes. Now this week The Flash as a TV series very much about to go from 0 – 60 in a nanosecond, The question we have for you is should the flash be on TV or film?

CW announced back in July that it planned on fast tracking The Flash into a TV series, With Barry Allen expecting to feature in Arrow season 2. This does raise questions though since unlike the Green Arrow the Flash requires a level of budget to do it any justice, Almost every action he does in costume needs to be visualized to show him moving at speed, The costume is also much busier than Green Arrow’s and then they would have to flesh out Central/Keystone City from the sights to the Rogues Gallery that inhabit it. It would not be the first time an onscreen flash has been attempted, As you will see with mixed results. Would it gel with the planned cinematic DC universe? or are we going to be subjected too two Flashes one with a mega budget or one with a TV budget?


The Flash as a TV series was done in the early 90’s and failed to find it’s footing and was ultimately cancelled after a spiralling budget and being placed up and down the schedule. In spite of this it was actually pretty good with John Wesley Ship playing the Barry Allen role well, It also featured a few of the rogues threaded throughout the one season and even introduced Mark Hamill to the DC Universe as The Trickster, Danny Elfman created the opening tune perhaps during his height having done both The Simpsons and Batman themes around the same time period, For the time the suit was well put together and if a little airbrushed and on a personal note had a fantastic Gameboy platformer released afterward which I was absolutely glued to as a kid. For a Superhero TV show it was very cinematic, It is just a shame it never quite sparked.

This was proceeded by The Flash (Barry Allen) in the Justice League of America TV Movie/Backdoor pilot… **SIGH** There are absolutely NO positives to this TV interpretation of the Flash. Despite being made a whole 7 years after The Flash TV show the costume looks even worse. With the Flash depicted as an out of shape slob, Why? and the effects for the Flash’s superspeed were absolutely terrible. Lucky for us fans this was buried but has crept up on TV on occasion such as Channel 5 here on the UK with everyone who sees it universally lambasting it.

Lastly there was Bart Allen on Smallville (played by Red State actor Kyle Gallner) originally introduced as one of the first heroes beside Clark to cross over who on his first appearance in the episode ‘Run’ was seen a teen thief put on the right path, He later appeared in the Episode “justice” which had him as Impulse featuring in Smavilleverse Justice League. The use of Bart as impulse in Smallville is often attributed to legal issues hence the substitution in a similar way we saw Oliver Queen taking the place of Bruce, But it was clear he was an analogue to The Flash from his inclusion in the League to his Smallvillified Flash costume.  For the most part Bart was enjoyable enough with the highlight being the Justice episode for being bold to go live action Justice League even if it was all a bit too “teen drama”.

So what do you think, As shown live action Flashes on TV in the past have been a mixed bag to say the least, Will the CW break the trend or should they save it for the ‘inevitable’ movie?

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
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