Has Forever Evil Lasted “Too” Long? [POLL]

It started off simply enough, Segwaying from DC’s last event comic Trinity War into a series which much like Marvel’s Dark Reign has seen the villains of the DC Universe take center stage. Add to that the often given complaint about so called “event” books, That they just last too damn long?, But is this the case here?

Well lets wind the clock back to that closing issue of Trinity War that kicked things off, With much criticisms it may be noted as there was no real resolution to that “event” other than the start of another one. That issue “Justice League #23” was available for sale on August 28th of last year and was succeeded by the month long villains month/3D Covers month which followed the theme of DC being, Forever Evil. On top of that there have been tie ins with numerous DC titles since then and the actual titled series Forever Evil.

Now given the time, That is 23 weeks worth of comics dedicated to the same story line, So far. The end is in sight as it has been announced that Lex and Captain Cold will be joining the core Justice League team… So we even know roughly, How it will end. At this point is it finally OK to say? “Hey this has finally carried on … too long!”.

But hey perhaps you may be digging every thread of it that has been released or maybe not, Have your say in the poll below;

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GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Flashin’ Back!
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