The Flash: A Trailer Analysis

We have to wait till 2016 to see some of DC’s beloved character share the big screen in Batman vs. Superman, but The CW is already on it with The Flash. The Flash teaser aired during Arrow’s season finale featuring Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) in what seemed like a passing of the torch to kick off the new series, but as it turns out, Stephen Amell told TVGuide this will be the first of many crossovers between the two series.

The five minute trailer starts by setting up The Flash origin inspired by Geoff Johns’ Flash: Rebirth. Barry’s mother is killed by Eobard Thawne A.K.A. Professor Zoom or the Reverse Flash, and Barry’s father is framed. Flash Fact: former TV Flash John Wesley Shipp is Barry’s Father; I was hoping he would be Jay Garrick but alas. Barry becomes a forensic investigator in order to catch the real killer and clear his father’s name. The costume designer(s) have an idea of what the Reverse Flash will look like, but time will tell if it’s just a yellow copy of the Flash’s suit.

We’re then introduced to our supporting characters like Law and Order veteran Jesse L. Martin as Detective West a surrogate father to Barry and biological father to Iris West played by Candice Batton. Barry arrives fashionably late to a crime scene where he is reminded not to “duck out of work” to chase down urban legends. A reference to “The Scientist” the Arrow episode responsible for introducing us to Barry as well as his reasons for being in Starling City. We get some footage of the particle accelerator exploding from “Three Ghosts” and Barry getting hit by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals.

The Wests.

The Wests.

Thanks to S.T.A.R. Labs specialists Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) we’re up to speed on Barry’s nine month coma. Comic book fans know them by their superpowered alter egos Vibe and Killer Frost respectively. We knew Tom Cavanah was cast but no announcement was made as to which character. Now we know he’ll be playing Harrison Wells physicist and creator of the particle accelerator.

Our first villain is a member of the Rouges and is he whipping up a storm in Central City; of course, we’re talking about the Weather Wizard. Chad Rook is Clyde Mardon who is actually the brother of Mark Mardon’s the original Weather Wizard. It’s hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Mark will make an appearance on the show let alone take up the mantle, so spoilers I guess. But this hopefully means we’ll see Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Tickster, Pied Piper, and the Top team up to form the Rouges.

Weather Wizard.

Weather Wizard.

Another Easter eggs to keep your eyes peeled is Ferris Air, which has been teased on Arrow also. When should we expect to see Hal Jordan A.K.A. the Green Lantern?! He and Barry are buddies with a fun and dynamic partnership just look at Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League Vol. 1.

Easter Egg.

Easter Egg.

Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg made it clear that superpowers have no place in Arrow’s universe… until now? The Flash shares a universe with Arrow that now has metahumans. Speedsters’ aside there is a guy who can control the weather now, so it’ll be interesting to see how this affects Arrow in future season/episodes. Black Canary might still get her Canary Cry yet.

The early set photos with Barry in a car crash now have some context, which turns out to be an early battle between Barry and Clyde. The divisive uniform is unveiled by Cisco. We’re already treated to a crossover with Arrow’s Stephen Amell encouraging the would-be-superhero that it wasn’t an accident, but the lightning bolt chose him. Alluding to the Secret Origins story where Barry is turned into pure energy turning into the very lightning bolt responsible for giving him his powers. His speech goes on to not only provide inspiration but the hero’s alias. Barry’s monologue about being the fastest man alive will probably be used as the show’s opening narration like Arrow. The trailer ends with Arrow giving Barry the same advice to wear a mask.

The trailer seems to up the ante, and promises to dive into the Flash mythology. We can only hope the show “catches on” like Barry superhero name! What did you think of the trailer? We see suit in action does it change you opinion on the costume?

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  2. Personally, I love the suit and never had a problem with it. The trailer made me even more excited for The Flash. Great article guys!!!

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