Preview: Nail Biter #3 (Image Comics)

Currently in stores from Image Comics is Nail Biter #2, a new horror series from Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson that has been likened to Twin Peak.The book sold out at distributor level instantly and looks set for a second printing. But you need not miss out as it is currently available digitally. Luckily we have a four page preview from issue 3 for you to check out… The details provided for the issue are;

The mystery and suspense builds as Detective Nicholas Finch enlists the help of the infamous Nailbiter in order to uncover evidence that might point him toward finding his missing friend. But there are secrets lurking beneath the surface in the town of Buckaroo, and not everyone is who they seem.

Nail Biter #2 Written by Joshua Williamson Art/Cover by Mike Henderson $2.99 ON SALE NOW Check out the preview pages for the first issue [Click to enlarge]

The writer of this piece was: GK AVGary Kane (GK) You can find Gary on Twitter @Kanoclassic

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