The BIG Fight – Week one – Ragnarok Vs. Bizarro [POLL]

If you are a long… LONG time follower you will remember we used to fairly regularly ask you to choose the winner between two comic book characters, often within a tournament. So for the the sake of goofing off a little and to find out the decisive winners in comic book crossovers that have yet to happen — I introduce you to the BIG Fight.

To decide each fights winner we will simply count your votes and announce it before the following weeks fight, Since many continuities can exist from each character we will give you a definitive list of each fighters attributes drawn from multiple story lines.

In this first week’s fight: Standing in the Marvel Corner, hailing from Camp Hammond is Ragnarok.

Cloned from a sample of Thor’s DNA collected from Thor after the first meeting of The Avengers and outfitted with cybernetic implants from Tony Stark. This clone of the Thunder God was reckless and believed himself to be the true Thor. Upon first debuting in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Civil War almost instantly murdered Bill Foster aka Goliath — who had powers equal to Giant Man and leveled the unregistered heroes.

Facts: Possesses an imitation of Thor’s Mjolnir, this copy is not truly enchanted nor is it made of Uru metal, however similar to the true Thunder God’s Hammer as it can channel lightning, is made out of a Vibranuim/Adamantium alloy and can be directed mentally by Ragnarok.
Physical attributes: Asgardian Clone / Cyborg, Warrior
Powers:  Super Strength Flight, Speed, Invulnerability and longevity [to a point],
Weaknesses: Hammer is not enchanted meaning it can be picked up or kept from Ragnarok by an enemy combatant, Unlikely to have same level of longevity of the true Thor due to never possessing a Golden Apple of Idunn [which is the source of Asgardians longevity and Godhood].

Power Level: 7/10 – A classic all round “Super”, Ragnarok can potentially devastate surroundings and destroy enemies, but has limitations that make it impossible to defeat the true Thor.

In the DC corner, Hailing from Bizarro World we have Bizarro.

Bizarro first debuted in 1958 and as such a staple of the Superman canon has been re-imagined many many times, originally the creature known as Bizarro came from a parallel world similar to Earth except the populated by twisted versions of the characters found on DC’s main Earth, this world differed greatly in that generally things were the reverse of what they would be for example the meaning of words spoke be there polar opposite, in addition to this the surface of the planet was a cuboid as opposed to a sphere.

This was retconned and re-explored several times following, with more modern versions of The character being a clone of the man of Steel, whose simple outlook and twisted appearance was the result of clone degeneration, this has also extended to other media such as the DC Animated Universe.

Facts: Blue Kryptonite is a rarer occurance than the standard Green.
Physical attributes: Kryptonian Clone,
Powers: Bizarro has powers consistent with a Kryptonian such as Super Strength Flight,  Speed, Invulnerability [to a point], Solar energy absorbtion. However this copy of the Man of Steel differs as other abilities include: Green Kryptonite energy absobtion, Flame breath, vacuum Breath, Vision based powers include being able to see a short distance behind hia head,
Weaknesses: Limited mental capacity, prone to clone burnout, Blue Kryponite affects Bizarro similarly to green Kryptonite and presumably weakened around magic.

Power Level: 7/10 – Similarly, A classic all round “Super”, Ragnarok can potentially devastate surroundings and destroy enermies, and yet again has limitations that make it difficult to defeat the Man of Steel.

Lets get it on, **DING, DING**.

In our last poll we asked you who should Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson play in Warner Bros’ Shazam movie and with 52% of the votes you said you would prefer to see him play Black Adam.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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