The BIG Fright – Fight 4 – Raven vs Hellboy [POLL]

For the rest of the month of October we will be theming our Big Fights as “Big Frights” [drumroll], So in the run up to Halloween, our match ups will feature suitably festive characters. This week we will pit two offspring of the beast, we want to know who is the better, is it DC’s Raven or Dark Horse’s Hellboy?

To decide each fight’s winner we will simply count your votes and announce it before the following week’s fight, Since many continuities can exist from each character — we will give you a definitive list of each fighters attributes drawn from multiple story lines.


In this week’s fight: Standing in the DC corner, hailing from Azarath is: Raven aka Rachael Roth.

Fathered by the demon Trigon [an extra-dimensional demon king], Raven has spent years since trying to fight his influence on Earth and along with the line up of the New Teen Titans done so, on many an occasion. It was in fact through Raven coming to Earth and seeking help against the advancing influence of her father, that she reformed the Titans as the New Teen Titans and has been a backbone of the team for much of it’s run since.

During her time on Earth, she assumed a human alias of Rachael Roth, often experiencing conflict between her good and dark sides.

Facts: Founding member of the New Teen Titans.
Physical attributes: Half-Demon offspring.
Skills / Equipment: Raven is a powerful magic user with a wide array of powers, largely psionic in nature, Raven has displayed telekenisis, empathy, astral projection, project “soul self”,  more recently Raven has displayed chronokensis and most importantly of her powers has been that she has been shown as resurrecting. A main weapon of her’s in the past was her chakra, a jewel which fought her dark side.
Weaknesses: Can be weakened in the presence of great evil or powerful telepathics. Has also shown as being consumed by great light.

Power Level: 8/10 – Raven is potentially one of the most powerful magical beings in the DC universe.

In the Dark Horse corner, Hailing from Hell, we have… Hellboy.


Hellboy is the son of the demon Azzael and a human witch Sarah Hughes, it was during WW2 that the creature was summoned to Earth, discovered by the Allies he would become part of the BPRD.

It was part of the BPRD that Hellboy would investigate and in many cases fight threats that were supernatural or mythical in nature for example spirits and vampires. One reoccurring theme through the run of Hellboy has been the destiny of the character whether that be giving in to his demonic side or as Earth’s hero.

Facts: Through his mothers side, Hellboy is descended from King Arthur and can therefore use Excalibur.
Physical attributes: Half-Demon offspring.
Powers/Skills/Equipment: Hellboy has a wide range of powers owed to his demon heritage, these include; longevity, invincibility, right hand of doom, resistant to heat and conjuring e.g. resurrecting the dead. Throughout his Dark Horse run, even throughout BPRD Hellboy has carried a or had access to weapons and relics.
Weaknesses: Very few.

Power Level: 7/10 – Hellboy has been shown as being both physically powerful and an adept magic user.

Lets get it on, **DING, DING**.

In the last BIG Fright we pitted the undead Dark Judge and master of all things fear, the aptly named Judge Fear. Who with 60% of the votes violently slays Scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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