The BIG Fright – Fight 5 – Frankenstein vs Blade [POLL]

For the rest of the month of October we will be theming our Big Fights as “Big Frights” [drumroll], So in the run up to Halloween, our match ups will feature suitably festive characters. This week we have two classic creatures of the night, one who draws strength from blood itself and the other a patchwork man of human flesh.

To decide each fight’s winner we will simply count your votes and announce it before the following week’s fight, Since many continuities can exist from each character — we will give you a definitive list of each fighters attributes drawn from multiple story lines.

In the DC corner, hailing from Europe within the DC Universe is: Frankenstein.

The story as played out in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is canon within the DC Universe, save for the creature surviving into modern day. He would in that time acquire great intelligence and swordsman skills, differing him from the slumbering creature that people generally believe.

In the modern day he is part of the supernatural organisation SHADE, tasked with stopping supernatural and superhuman threats.

Facts: Has bolts in his head.
Physical attributes: Reanimated Meta-Human
Skills / Equipment: Frankenstein is virtually immortal, has great strength and is self sustaining. He wields the sword “Michael’s sword”, he is also adept at current forms of hand to hand combat and is skilled in the use of guns.
Weaknesses: Just as it “birthed” him, lightning can also physically overpower him.

Power Level: 7 – Powerful and virtually immortal, this fighter would be hard to kill.

In the Marvel corner, Hailing from England, we have… Eric “Blade” Brooks..

Eric Brooks was born in Victorian England after his mother was attacked by a vampire, Deacon Frost, whose attack left Blade with certain vampiric powers.

He would fight Vampires through the ages until modern day, fighting many dark forces including the legendary Dracula.

He would form many alliances with other Supernatural beings and superheroes, and more recently being involved in MI13 and The Mighty Avengers,

However his potential to turn, his voilent ways and his loner nature have often lead to him clashing with outhers.

Facts: Blade is one of the few in the Marvel Universe to have assumed the mantel of Ronin.
Physical attributes: Dhampir
Powers/Skills/Equipment: Blade has all over the powers of a vampire for example longevity, enhanced reflexes and super speed without the conventional weaknesses for example holy water. He is also a skilled martial artist, possibly even being one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest swordsman. Originally his weapon of choice was a pair of teak wood daggers.
Weaknesses: Even with his virtual immortality his body isn’t immune to energy attacks or being attacked so severe it supersedes his vampiric healing factor.

Power Level: 6/10 – Is “virtually” immortal or able to live to a prolonged age and well rounded in terms of power and martial arts make Blade hard to kill.

Lets get it on, **DING, DING**.

In the last BIG Fright we two immensely powerful heroes that happened to be the spawn of demons, and winning closely with 55 Percent, Raven manages to defeat Hellboy, not even his “Right Hand of Doom” managed to give him the edge against Raven’s dark magics.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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