The BIG Fright – Fight 6 – Dr. Strange vs Constantine [POLL]

As you may know, during the month of October, we have had a shake up in our “The Big Fight’s”. As it is the month of all Hallow’s Eve and all that we have pitted all manner of things that go “bump” in the night against each other, to find the decisive answer to some of comicdoms yet to happen match ups.

To decide each fight’s winner we will simply count your votes and announce it before the following week’s fight, Since many continuities can exist from each character — we will give you a definitive list of each fighters attributes drawn from multiple story lines.

In the Marvel corner, hailing from his Sanctum Sanctorum (NY) is: Doctor Stephen Strange.

As you probably know Strange’s journey kicked off, at a point when the arrogant yet skilled surgeon came to an accident. Finding that he could no longer perform the kind of precise work his hands could before, Strange decided to journey the world for greater knowledge and in doing so becoming somewhat humbled if enlightened.

Encountering a great mystic called the Ancient One, it was he who passed on to Strange his knowledge of magic and the cosmos (such as how to invoke power from extra dimensional entities, gods or demons, to the chagrin of one of the mystics other learners in Baron Mordo – who had thought he was the rightful heir to the Ancient One.

The ancient one passed on, leaving Strange his teachings and artifacts that would help him in later battles. Returning to New York, from within a mansion in New York called the Sanctom Sanctorum, Strange would act as a supernatural consultant within the Marvel Universe – It is from here that he has allied with many of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes and engaged in cosmic fights with beings such as “the Dread Lord” – Dormummu.

The character recently made a faustian pact, that seen him sell his soul to dark forces in exchange for godlike powers, something that would seem at contrast with his more noble self.

Facts: Founding Member of the Defenders.
Physical attributes: Human (enchanted)
Skills / Equipment: Strange’s baseline powers are granted from the Eye of Agamotto (powerful amulet), Orb of Agamotto (Seeing Crystal) and his cloak of Levitation. However alongside his vast collection of spells and artifacts is his title as Sorcerer Supreme – which can grant him most powers allowed through magic including basic energy blasts, healing, changes to perception etc etc.
Weaknesses: Lacking a soul, the limitations of incantations are for example, weaknesses Strange has to face. Not to mention possessing dark magic, which has caused the Doctor trouble before.

Power Level: 8 – Perennially holds the title of “Sorcerer Supreme” – which in Marvel terms, means he is at any given time in greater control of the ambient magic within the Universe. Therefore his power set is vast and the scale of his battles tend to the cosmic.

In the DC corner, hailing from Liverpool is: John Constantine.


As a character, with a back story, John Constantine differs greatly from that of Strange. Arriving in the DC Universe originally during Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, then through the now non canon mythos of Vertigo’s Hellblazer title and back into the mainstream DC Universe, his most defining feature if any is morally he at least used to be more shades of grey.

Constantine has been shown as deeply cynical in his outlook to the world at general as well as the greater world of magic, rarely without a cigarette (unless on network telelvision… nuff said), Constantine has been shown as being at times reckless in the use of the magics that he can conjure.

His battles with demons and greater powers often come at the cost of others (save for John Himself), more notably these include Zatara (leading to a love-hate relationship with Zatanna) and Astra (a child taken by Nergal, a demon whom would prove to be one of John’s nemesis).

More recently (within DC’s New 52 continuity) the character has had a central role within DC’s magic community, leading the Justice League Dark. However as past mythos of the character shows, he may be just as damned as those he fights against.

Facts: Likes Punk music.
Physical attributes: Human (enchanted)
Powers/Skills/Equipment: John is a powerful magic user, whose powers run the gamut from astral projection to necromancy, and most in-between. As a trained magician, the character has been shown as being an escapologist and hypnotic.
Weaknesses: Bouts of drunkenness, reckless nature, human being… albeit one that is enchanted. Constantine’s weaknesses would appear to be forming close relations, as he draws so much chaos.

Power Level: 6 – The range of magic, or rather the effects they can cause make Constantine a powerful magic user, though wether he is a more powerful magic user/being than say Zatanna or Doctor Fate remains unclear.

Lets get it on, **DING, DING**.

In the last BIG Fright we pitted Marvel’s psuedo vampire, vampire hunter: Blade against DC’s Frankenstein, the current, long lived and undead creature of literature. It was a close fight with both being expert swordsmen. But with 67% of the vote the Vampire Hunter’s powerset proved to much for the reconstructed being.

Winner: Blade


we two immensely powerful heroes that happened to be the spawn of demons, and winning closely with 55 Percent, Raven manages to defeat Hellboy, not even his “Right Hand of Doom” managed to give him the edge against Raven’s dark magics.

Winner: Raven

we pitted the undead Dark Judge and master of all things fear, the aptly named Judge Fear. Who with 60% of the votes violently slays Scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane.

Winner: Judge Fear

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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