Preview of Asmus and Lieber’s QUANTUM AND WOODY MUST DIE! #1

Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment, we have our first look at the eagerly anticipated Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1, on sale January 28th.

The new series sees regular writer James Asmus teaming up with the utterly fantastic Superior Foes of Spider-Man artist Steve Lieber for a story that will see the titular duo run the gauntlet of enemies as their antics threaten to catch up with them once and for all.

Check out the official blurb below, then feast your eyes on some of Steve’s lettered interior artwork and some of the impressive variant covers – including one from Sex Criminals artist Chip Zdarsky.

Valiant is proud to present the first look inside QUANTUM AND WOODY MUST DIE! #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of a dastardly new limited series from Harvey Award-nominated writer James Asmus (QUANTUM AND WOODY, Gambit) and Eisner Award-winning artist Steve Lieber (Superior Foes of Spider-Man)! On January 28th, jump on board here with a brand new beginning for the most nominated series of the 2014 Harvey Awards as Quantum and Woody face down a deadly gauntlet of kill-crazy enemies with only one goal – wipe the world’s worst superhero team off the map!

They came. They saw. They pissed off a whole lotta folks. And now a team of mystery vigilantes has singled out Quantum and Woody for complete and utter destruction. The first target: their minds! But who are all these all-new enemies? Are Quantum and Woody really in couples counseling? And, dear god, what have they done to the Goat? Is this real life? Or an elaborate deception? And just who – or what – is pulling the strings? When the dust settles only one thing will be certain – the world’s worst superhero team is dead meat!

Bet on the bad guys because the worst superhero duo on the streets are getting read their last rites – or are they?! – on January 28th in QUANTUM AND WOODY MUST DIE! #1 (of 4) – featuring covers by Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool), Johnnie Christmas (Sheltered), and Eisner Award winner Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals)!

Written by JAMES AMSUS
Cover by MIKE HAWTHORNE (NOV141684)
Variant Cover by JONNIE CHRISTMAS (NOV141685)
Variant Cover by CHIP ZDARSKY (NOV141686)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 28 (FOC – 1/5/15)

[Click to enlarge]

[Cover Artists L-R: Mike Hawthorne, Johnnie Christmas, Chip Zdarsky]

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