Marvel planning to summon The Ancient One for Doctor Strange movie?

Tilda_Swinton6We’re still waiting for Marvel’s Ant-Man to round out Phase 2, but Marvel is already hard at work on its Phase 3 films. Captain America: Civil War is already in production, and it would appear pre-production has started on Doctor Strange.

We already know Benedict Cumberbatch has top billing as the titular character. It’s even rumored that Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will appear in the upcoming Iron Fist Netflix’s series. But before Stephen Strange became Sorcerer Supreme there was the Ancient One, and Marvel is apparently in pursuit of Tilda Swinton for the role.

Swinton has had some experience with the supernatural, playing Gabriel in the 2005 film Constantine. Plus, since we’re talking Marvel news, Swinton has worked with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Captain America (Chris Evans) in the past on the films Only Lovers Left Alive and Snowpiercer respectively.

She’s an interesting choice, considering Strange’s mentor is from Tibet, ancient, and – well – a man. If she signs on, then this will be the first time Marvel has changed a character’s gender in the films; however, they’ve recently done this in the comics [Thor] with the passing of Mjolnir to Jane Foster. Whether or not that change is also made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to be determined.

Marvel has been making a strong push to bring female leads to the forefront of their comics. So, with that in mid, how do you feel about Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient one? Can you see her being a mystic mentor to Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange?

Doctor Strange is slated for November 4 2016

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1 Comment on Marvel planning to summon The Ancient One for Doctor Strange movie?

  1. MarvelFanForever // April 14, 2016 at 2:57 pm // Reply

    Hi. Marvel studios never learns.
    Those of us who are Marvel comic fans in general and Dr. Strange fans in particular, know who the ancient one is. He happens to be a man. We know him, to the extent that we know any comic book character. We know the Fantastic Four. Still Marvel Studios chose to put 4 actors together who are clearly not the Fantastic Four, call them the Fantastic Four and react in surprise when fans don’t go see the movie.
    Political correctness aside, whoever is making these decisions is making movies for his or herself. Not the fans who know and love the characters.
    The creation of strong women characters is just fine. Feel free to do so. But standing on the shoulders of those creative members of the Marvel Comics Group in the hope of stealing credit for the creation of characters many of us grew up with is ridiculous.
    We know the difference.

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