The Flash’s Season Two Trailer Will Have You Feeling All Warm and Fuzzy Inside!

See The Scarlet Speedster meet The Crimson Comet, and get your first glimpse of Zoom!

The first season of The Flash really embraced the idea of “the impossible,” and dove head first into The Flash’s rich mythos. They pitted The Flash against The Reverse Flash, introduced the idea of time travel, and even brought out a telepathic gorilla.

In the latest trailer, Martin Stein (Victor Garber) encourages a stressed out Cisco (Carlos Valdes) that his powers are a gift. This is a reference to Cisco’s metahuman abilities that allow him to see between dimensions, which should eventually lead him to become the superhero known as Vibe. At Comic-Con, Valdes and executive producer Andrew Kreisber were very tight lipped about answering whether or not fans would see a costume clad Cicso this season.


Unlikely alliances are made as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Leonard Snart A.K.A. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) meet over dinner. This isn’t a new idea in either the show or the comics. Last season in the episode “Rouge Air,” Barry makes a deal with Leonard to relocate some of the metahuman prisoners, but the deal goes south when Leonard releases the prisoners. He’s given the opportunity to kill Barry but chooses not to. The two have always had a cat and mouse type of relationship in the comics. Leonard reveals that he has respect for Barry despite being on opposite sides of the law.


This season will introduce Earth Two’s Flash, Jay Garrick (the original Flash in the comics) played by Teddy Sears. Both speedsters will have to work together to take on Zoom voiced by Candyman’s Tony Todd. Kreisber compared Zoom appearance to Spider-Man villain Venom saying, “Zoom’s outfit is much more organic than the Reverse-Flash’s suit.”


Season two will have to hit the ground running. Two more characters are being added to the roster (who are also speedsters in the comics) Wally West (Keynan Lonsdale) and Jesse Chambers A.K.A. (Violette Todd). They will also have to do some table setting for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. Kendra Saunders A.K.A Hawkgirl (Ciarra Renee) was introduced albeit briefly during the season’s finale as she looked up towards the black hole. They will also have to explain Ronnie Raymond’s (Robbie Amell) departure from the series while bringing in Franz Brameh’s Jay Jackson who will be playing the other half of Martin Stein’s (Victor Garber) Firestorm.

Now this is speculation on my part, but it might be either that Ronnie is killed or trapped in singularity during a battle with Zoom or somehow ends up getting fused with Jay. Notice how Firestorm goes into the black hole, and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) shares a tender moment with Jay and shows concern when he zips out of the lab. Either way we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Flash season two premiers Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

So what do you think of Zoom’s look? What are you most excited about this season of The Flash?

Watch the season two trailer below.

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