Review – Strayer #1 (Aftershock Comics)

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Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Juan Geddon
Release Date: 27th January, 2016

From the brilliant, anarchic, ultra violent mind that brought you Luther Strode, 2 strangers face-off against a titanic fire spewing monster in an old west fantasy tinged post-apocalyptic wasteland…

Yup. Overload is definite problem here, straight out of the gate. It’s like the rule of pirates, monkeys, robots and ninjas: any two is cool, three is silly, all four is unbearable.

It doesn’t help that the art style tries and fails to ape that of Tradd Moore, Rob Guillroy, et al. It’s big and bluff but ultimately unsatisfying and, like so much here, feels derivative.

I’m trying to be positive here. There’s no denying that it raised a smile here and there, but at the same time, I have reread the same page five times now and still don’t know quite how Strayer, the apparent superantihero, ends up in jail.

Maybe I’m expecting too much of a first issue, but honestly, there’s both too much and not enough going on here. Somewhat disappointed, to say the least.

Rating: 2/5.

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2 Comments on Review – Strayer #1 (Aftershock Comics)

  1. It’s implied that he drew his swords in the tavern after being inadvertantley struck by the mug mala tossed over her shoulder; A bit of dramatic irony I quite enjoyed as it landed him in jail for the night. Also, I was curious as to what exactly you felt the artwork was derivitave of? That of Moore and guillroy or just all-in-all repetive? I’m sorry to hear you didnt enjoy the first issue. I was captivated more by this book than almost any so far this year! That being said I enjoyed your review. Nothing like an opposing view to churn some good dialogue, haha. I’ll keep an eye out for more from you.


  2. The artist isn’t Juan Gedeon. The line artist is Juan Gedeon and the color artist is Tamra Bonvillain, which is severely being overlooked here. Disappointed. :(

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