Review – Hero Hourly #1 & 2 (21 Pulp)

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Publisher: 21 Pulp
Writer: James Patrick
Artist: Carlos Trigo
Release Date: Issue #1 went on sale November 18th

The basic premise of 21Pulp’s Hero Hourly is, essentially, that you can get paid to have a career as a super hero. It’s humorous, fresh and entertaining.

In this world, rent-a-heroes are created and employed “Hero Hourly”, a company which sprung up after creating and patenting a superpower serum. We meet Saul, who joined Hero Hourly after his promising career was washed away by the financial crisis. While initially reluctant, he has gradually grown to love his new job, even if things don’t always run as smoothly as he’d perhaps like. However, we join him just as Hero Hourly is bought over and his world gets turned upside down.

Carlos Trigo’s artwork, while not to my personal taste, does fit the story rather well. The sharp angles of the character design don’t sit well with me, but they do however line up well with idea that the heroes have to be crisp and clear in all of their actions (even when just standing about). It gives them a distinctive, “Golden Age” feel that, again, really fits well with the tone of this series.

The story is well paced across the first two issues and James Patrick has done a brilliant job of making the main characters feel unique and relatable. You can definitely see some of the characters’ sources of inspiration, but Patrick’s steady hand ensures that they never feel clichéd or derivative. The recognisable traits are used in new, interesting ways that feel more like a homage to the source material rather than an out-and-out theft.

Overall, with a strong premise and a great sense of humour, I found myself really enjoying the first two issues of this series, and looking forward to the third and final chapter.

The first two issues of Hero Hourly are currently available from the 21Pulp Website.

The writer of this piece was: David Gladman
David Tweets from @the_gladrags

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