Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato Jr to collaborate on new THANOS solo series!

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Marvel have announced that writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike Deodato Jr will be collaborating on a brand new Thanos solo series this fall.

In an interview with, Lemire spoke about the announcement, saying “it’s completely different and completely refreshing. The main attraction to doing this book was being able to dive into the dark side and tell a totally different type of book set in the Marvel U that is from a villain’s point of view. It’s forcing me to go to some new places with my writing and try new things.”

He added,”I loved that this is an ongoing series, not a limited series. That opens up a lot of potential to establish long-term plans for Thanos in the Marvel U.  As to what makes Thanos so compelling, the easy answer is that he is so powerful and so evil. This combination opens things up for a lot of story potential. But the truth is that it’s Thanos’ past that makes him so interesting. What motivates a god-like being like this? What makes him tick and what does he have left to fight for? These are compelling questions to me, and I think to the reader. But above all this series just has so much potential. Thanos can essentially become Marvel’s Darth Vader…its alpha villain.”

Deodato added, “I love drawing villains. Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts are two of my biggest hits. I intend to bring the same level of darkness and evil in this new series.”

In terms of the story itself, Lemire was cagey about the details, saying “”I’m not spoiling that because Thanos’ mission comes as a big reveal in issue 1. I will say that the cosmic cube is not involved. And there will be a very solid supporting cast in this series. A regular set of underused characters that will become very important to the series and to Thanos himself. Starfox, Nebula, and Thane will play key roles. And there are a few surprises as well.”

Thanos #1 will go on sale this fall from Marvel Comics.

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