AfterShock announces new metaphysical psychic sci-fi series WORLD READER!

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Aftershock Comics have announced details of WORLD READER, their latest series set to hit shelves this April.

From Emmy-nominated writer Jeff Loveness (Groot, Jimmy Kimmel Live) and artist Juan Doe (American Monster), World Reader will introduce us to Sarah, an astronaut travelling from dead planet to dead planet, communicating with the ghosts of the dead as she tries to discover the secret of what’s killing the universe.   However, when Death itself discovers her plan, it starts hunting her and her crew from planet to planet, forcing Sarah to question her own sanity as she tries to pull the stories of all these dead planets together into a coherent threat that can, hopefully, prevent Earth from being the next planet to die.

Speaking about the announcement, Loveness said: “When Mike Marts and Aftershock offered me my first creator-owned series, I tried to pitch the biggest idea I could think of”, adding “It’s been an absolute thrill to reach outside my comfort zone and swing for the fences with Aftershock, and I can’t wait for people to take that swing with us.”

Artist Doe added: “I’ve always wanted to do a story that takes place in outer space.  Jeff’s framework for the story has some very cool metaphysical narratives.  It brings to the forefront the questions humans have had from the beginning of civilization.”

With lettering from Rachel Deering, the first issue of World Reader hits comic shelves on April 19th 2017, and you can feast your eyes on some of Juan’s interior artwork below.

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