First look at Stjepan Sejic’s stunning artwork from double-sized AQUAMAN #25

The brand new “Underworld” storyline “Underworld” kicks off next month in AQUAMAN #25 from DC Comics! This double-sized issue willbe by regular series scribe Dan Abnett with art and cover by new artist Stjepan Sejic and a variant cover by Joshua Middleton!

In this extra-sized anniversary issue, former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police. Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom. And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface-dwellers. All is as King Rath commands-and yet whispers persist of a rebel in the slums of Atlantis: A hero with the potential to change the world. This issue also features the return of Dolphin, and leads directly into JUSTICE LEAGUE #24!

AQUAMAN #25 (APR170271APR170272) is a 40-page issue on FOC on May 29 with an on-sale date of June 21, and you can feast your eyes on a special preview below!

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
Article Archive: Ceej Says
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