Geeking Out – Street Wars NYC 

Here at Geek Towers, we do love a wee Kickstarter, especially when it’s for a game that’s got nifty rules, ultraviolence and a whole lot of funk going down.

So in that spirit, we’re all getting ready to groove down to the throw down, gonna Come out, come out tonight, cos ain’t no chickens here (sorry, I’ll stop now) for Glasgow’s own Funky Skull Games’ 70s New York gang war game, Street Wars NYC, that’s just opened up on Kickstarter.

Read on for a preview of the rules and, as always, a chance to win some goodies, with the winner revealed in part two, along with a game play-through and interview with the game’s creators!

Notice that stripped down quick start rules, and cardstock versions of the miniatures, are free to download! A cracking start, and any rules set that lists “Funky Tunes” as a requirement is a win in our book. £10 gets you the full pdf, £23 a gang or print rules, and £65  snags you both of the initial 2 gangs and print rules (although early birds are cheaper!) Pretty sweet deal bro (again, sorry).

So, how do the rules shape up?

Well without going into minute detail, there are some neat mechanics in this. With a core rule of 4+ always passes (and the game uses dice from regular d6 all the way up to d12), it’s pretty easy to get your head round.

Although players activate their whole gang at once, you can move out of sequence to react to an opposing figure, giving a dynamic touch.

Also, it’s also worth remembering that this game isn’t just about fighting your way to the top: your gang gets there by vandalising, mugging, breaking in and stealing (and sometimes uncuffing a brother where necessary) too.

That being said, ain’t no winning the street without a rumble, and the mechanics for fighting look pretty slick, with a simple opposed dice roll system.

However – and this is one of the most interesting aspects of the game – your gang don’t always do as they’re told. Each turn, to use them, you must make a Funk roll – on a 4+ (better characters have better dice, so it’s always at least 50%), they’re feeling funky and will do as ordered. Otherwise, they can just strut about or, on a 1, strike a pose and the initiative passes to your opponent.

As well as building and customising your gang with all manner of gear, you can design your own crew. But there’s plenty of options, from Warlord down to Ganger, not forgetting those MVP independent operatives who bring jive suckers the pain for the right price. And then, you get do the deed, hit the streets, and get the payoff – along with random side missions for your crew to tag, bag and brag their way to the top.

So don’t be a jive turkey – get set, get ready and get down for the low down, the shake down, the great American take down, and get yourselves to Funky(skull) Town for a rumble Street Wars NYC style!


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8 Comments on Geeking Out – Street Wars NYC 

  1. Simon Quinton // July 10, 2017 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    Been a fan for ages. So glad its back as I love the 70s style and lve the miniatures. The game is just the icing on the cake for me.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this having followed Funky Skull for a while now. Looks good!

  3. Ron Senior // July 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    Looks a lot of fun. Are there any demos scheduled in Glasgow some time?

    • The designer’s doing a demo on Tues 18th @ the Woodside Halls in Glasgow @ G3 (Glasgow Gamers’ Group) from half 6 ish. I’ll be writing up my impressions on it. Swing by, my funky brother!

  4. George Chambers // July 8, 2017 at 10:04 pm // Reply

    I’ve been helping to play test Street Wars and I love it. The review is very fair and accurate. The game is simple to learn but has deep gameplay and all of the ones I’ve done have been entertaining but different.. It’s already one of my favourites along with Pulp Alley and Pulp City.

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