AfterShock’s Animosity expands with new EVOLUTION series this October 

This October, AfterShock Comics are expanding on their critically acclaimed Animosity series with a brand new spin-off series entitled Animosity: Evolution.

The regular Animosity series follows the journey of a young girl named Jesse and her loyal friend, a bloodhound named Sandor, as they make their way across a wild, savage and strange new world – a world where animals have developed human intelligence and the power of speech – in search for a rumoured safe haven in the West.

In Evolution, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Eric Gapstur are looking at the other side of the story, dealing with the rise of that supposed safe haven – a city populated by humans and animals who are trying to build themselves a functioning society in the aftermath of “The Wake”.

Speaking about the series, Bennett said “AfterShock has given me, by far, the most creative freedom I’ve ever had in my career. Their unrelenting support for a story this bizarre, this massive, this funny and sometimes this cruel, makes me endlessly grateful. We have a team behind us, promoting us and sustaining us, and because of AfterShock Comics and their entire squad, ANIMOSITY was made possible.”

She added, “EVOLUTION is the STAR TREK to ANIMOSITY’S STAR WARS – the ethical and philosophical exploration to ANIMOSITY’S dark adventure.”

Animosity: Evolution #1 goes on sale on the 18th of October 2017, and you can feast your eyes on some of the early artwork – as well as a variant cover from Mike Rooth – below.

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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