Geeking Out – In Brightest… Knight? 2nd edition BMG is coming!

September brings a huge shakeup to the Batman Miniature Game, with a revised, streamlined 2nd edition, and it’s good news for players new and old.

There’s lots of rumours and discussion on t’internet, so leave it to Graven to give you the tl:dr –

– Free downloadable rulebook.
– Coloured Resin miniatures.
– Lower in price.

Much like the original edition, a streamlined version of the rules will be available for free download. Also, 2nd edition doesn’t negate Flash/Arrow and Arkham Campaign or existing stat cards.

Out of the box, models are coloured by faction to add to ease of play. We know that Bats will be Blue and Grodd seems to be light Grey. Oh, and yes, the models will be cheaper than they are at present (though the 3 for 2 metal boxsets of teams such as Birds of Prey, Teen Titans etc will continue). Also, we hear Justice League Dark is definitely in the pipeline – sounds magic if you ask me. And existing factions will be streamlined, so for instance all you heroes can work together as part of The Brave and The Bold.

So there you go!

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2 Comments on Geeking Out – In Brightest… Knight? 2nd edition BMG is coming!

  1. Really looking forward to seeing where KM go with this. Hoping to see positive changes and clarifications which attract more players. Difficult to make any further comment until we hear more :D

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