Review – Transformers: Lost Light #17 (IDW Publishing)

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Jack Lawrence
Colorist: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B. Long
Release Date: 18th April 2018

Knock knock God, guess what? It’s the Rod Squad.

Rodimus is here to argue his case and get back to kicking Getaway’s arse. But what do the Guiding Hand think of his council, and how will they even react to such a strange call out to divine ‘bots?

Elsewhere, some of the team keep their trust in the Allspark and await the next stage of their life. But the others decide to go full Doctor Who as they set out to find out if this is really the true reality, why there are still so mysteries here, why there are so man deterrents along the way and just what is going on behind those doors?

The stage is set for something to crack, beneath the surface or otherwise, as we head towards a finale that promises many a revelation to come to light. Many, I imagine, that will tear my soul from my body.

There are a lot of words that can be used to describe Lost Light at any point – funny, touching, heart-breaking, adventurous, smart, ridiculous – but issue #17 was just delightful. Oh and most of the above. But really just so delightful.

Jumping between the wit and banter of Rodimus being stubborn towards a bunch of Godly beings and the Rod Squad being pulled in so many different directions to find themselves or the truth, this issue delivers everything a great adventure comic could. A fast pace, plenty of moving parts, strange happenings in a supposedly perfect environment, a group of faithful and skeptics, a perfect balance of reveals and answers that bring more questions, ambiguity and last-page reveals guaranteed to keep the mouth agape.

This colorful cast of deviants that have been perfected by Roberts make the perfect, quirky cast for a dedicated mystery issue and it brings all the wonderful results you could expect. It also features that familiar garish of emotionally touching moments that you can always expect from Roberts and his strange transforming robot happenings.

On the visual side of the book, Jack Lawrence and Joana Lafuente bring their A game as usual. Lawrence brings his strong character work, with the expectedly high level of expression and dynamic work to bring the character’s emotions and actions to life. He’s also clearly having a lot of fun bringing the intricate work of the designs of the Guiding Hand, their Origins and the Afterspark and its strange landscape and architecture to life.

Lafuente’s palette brings out the strangeness of the environment our heroes find themselves in, and the bright character work that makes these bots pop from the page.  Her work in the origin of the Guiding Hand deserves special mention for being dynamic, explosive and striking with its mixture of bright hues and incredible shadow work.

Fitting itself in between the sudden and shocking issue #16, and an issue #18 that promises to be “the most important issue of Lost Light yet”; #17 could have been an issue easily used as nothing but set-up for that big next issue. Instead, Roberts uses the incredible characters he’s cultivated to make an issue full of adventure, strangeness, mysteries and the intelligence and humor that has helped to made this series such a hit.

It’s delightful, memorable, packed with “oh my GOD!” moments and so much personality that there’s no way you could ever dismiss this as a merely a set-up issue. Simply put, this is yet another fantastic issue of the Lost Light saga.

Rating: 4.5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Connor Stephens
Connor Tweets from @diddlesMVP

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