New RAT QUEENS Creative Team Debuts on “Swamp Romp” One-Shot This April [PREVIEW]

Image Comics have released a preview of the upcoming RAT QUEENS SPECIAL: SWAMP ROMP one-shot issue, which will feature the debut of the all-new creative team of  Ryan Ferrier (Death Orb, D4VE) and Priscilla Petraites (Brilliant Trash).

Here’s the official blurb:

Dragons. Monsters. Tricksters. The Rat Queens have seen—and slayed!—it all. But in Rat Queens Special: Swamp Romp a dying man of great wealth hires our heroes to exact revenge for the murder of his prized unicorn. Betty, Hannah, Braga, Violet, and Dee are suddenly thrust into a quest that may bring them face-to-face with a mythological creature thought only to exist in bedtime stories. This is Palisade’s urban legend, and it will end with either death or a mass fortune.

Rat Queens Special: Swamp Romp one-shot (Diamond Code FEB190045) will be available on Wednesday, April 10. 

Following the one-shot, Ferrier and Petraites will team up with Marco Lesko and take the reins of the ongoing title starting with Rat Queens #16 this June. The issue will kick-off a new story arc called, The Once and Future King: Part One.

In the wake of great change, readers witness the Rat Queens as they struggle to reclaim their sisterhood—just as a mysterious force of great vengeance sets its sights on Palisade. For our incorrigible band of adventurers, it’s personal.

Rat Queens #16 (Diamond Code APR190175) will be available on Wednesday, June 19. 

Ferrier and Petraites were named as the cretative team for the frequently controversial series back in January following the title’s co-creator Kurtis Wiebe announcing that he was stepping away from the characters due to creative burnout and starting a new company with RQ artist Owen Gieni.

And, April and June are too long to wait, you can feast yoru eyes on previews of both the one-shot and the eagerly awaited issue #16 below.



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