Review – The Weatherman Vol. 2 #1 (Image Comics)

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jody LeHeup
Artist: Nathan Fox
Colourist: Moreno Disinio
Letterer: Steve Wands
Release Date: 26th June 2019

Local celebrity weatherman Nathan Bright had it all. Fame, fortune, a beautiful girlfriend.  That is, until the day he was accused of being the worst mass murderer in living history, responsible for the deaths of billions of men, women, and children. Nathan discovers that he is really Ian Black, former special forces operative and member of terrorist organisation The Sword of God. After discovering Sword of God’s plans to launch another devastating attack, Agent Miranda Cross and Nathan must gather a crew and head back to Earth to find Ian Black’s memories and save what is left of humanity.

Throughout this series I have believed that nothing was left on Earth, and that everyone had either died or been evacuated to Mars. However, this issue shows us that Earth has in fact been quarantined, with survivors of the attack condemned to live out their lives faced with dwindling resources and the slow spread of the virus towards the remaining settlements. We also get an insight into the origins of the virus, and it’s really not what I was expecting, and the final page of this issue teases an even more horrific twist to the virus than we’ve seen so far.

I’ve been following this series since day one. It has been an action packed, fast paced romp all the way so far, but has also managed to produce some very emotional and poignant moments via some great writing by Jody Leheup. Volume 2 of The Weatherman continues to deliver a great sci-fi action thriller that I think will keep readers on the edge of their seats for many issues to come.

Nathan Fox also continues to deliver the goods with artwork that is exciting, beautiful and horrifying all at the same time. Throughout the series I’ve been impressed with both the character and world design that Fox has given us, and this issue is no exception. This latest chapter also includes some fantastic vehicle designs, including some great space-pirate action as Garren’s Hephaestus class ship tears through the Earth blockade. The true horror of Sword of God’s attack is vividly, brutally realised in the skyscraper-high mountains of bones that fill the cities, a spectacle which must serve as a constant, terrifying reminder of the fate awaiting those left behind.

The only minor niggle I have with this issue is the departure of Dave Stewart from colouring duties. Whilst Moreno Disinio does a great job overall, the detail and depth that Dave Stewart brought to the table just isn’t there.

Rating: 3.5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
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