First Look At The Long (Long) Awaited Conclusion to DC’s Doomsday Clock [PREVIEW]

While the constant delays have repeatedly drawn the ire of comic fans, there has been no doubting the quality of DC’s Doomsday Clock miniseries.

And now, with the 12th and final issue set for release in mid-December (over two years after the release of issue #1), we’re excited to be able to give you a sneak peek look at some unlettered preview artwork from the climactic issue.

You can check it out, along with the official solicitation info, below:

Can even the Man of Steel walk out from the shadow of Manhattan?

This is it! The final showdown between Dr. Manhattan and Superman shakes up the DC Universe to its very core! The conclusion to Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh’s Doomsday Clock hits shelves December 18th!

Doomsday Clock #12
Written by Geoff Johns
Interior, Cover and Variant Cover art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
Lettering by Rob Leigh
In Shops: Dec 18, 2019
Final Orders Due: Nov 25, 2019
SRP: $5.99


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
Article Archive: Ceej Says
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1 Comment on First Look At The Long (Long) Awaited Conclusion to DC’s Doomsday Clock [PREVIEW]

  1. Ive enjoyed this story up to a point, but the constant delays have made it a very fractured and disjointed experience.

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