BOOM!’s Avant-Guards Concludes With ‘Down to The Wire’ OGN this September [PREVIEW]

BOOM! have dropped an early look at THE AVANT-GUARDS: DOWN TO THE WIRE, an original graphic novel which will conclude the ongoing story of a loveable group of misfit art students who band together to create their school’s first ever basketball team.

The OGN, set for release this September, picks up after issue #8 and reunites the creative team of writer Carly Usdin, artist Noah Hayes, colourist Eleonora Bruni and letterer Ed Dukeshire for a brand-new adventure with this team of unlikely athletes.

The official solicitation blurb and some unlettered preview artwork can be found below, and you can also check out my review of the first volume – where I called it “a lively all-ages sports story with some engaging queer protagonists and a snappy visual style” – by CLICKING HERE.

School, romance, friends, and family collide in this epic conclusion to THE AVANT-GUARDS series as the team struggles to save their league! The final game of the season is here, the team has got to plan the perfect fundraiser, and everyone’s parents decided to show up to cheer them on during the most stressful time they could ever imagine. In the middle of it all, Liv & Charlie are figuring out just what it means to be “Liv & Charlie.”

It’s Just A Lot For Everyone To Deal With. Luckily the entire existence of the league doesn’t depend on this one game or the Avant-Guards winning, right? Oh, wait . . .


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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