A Single Mother Ex-Assassin Goes on the Run in AfterShock’s MILES TO GO this September

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation effectively locking down the direct market comic book industry for the time being, AfterShock Comics have given us a reason to get excited in the form of an early sneak peek at their upcoming series MILES TO GO from writer B. Clay Moore and artist Stephen Molnar, set to go on sale this September.

As part of the announcement, Moore ran down the basic premise of the series, saying “The story follows Amara Bishop, who spent her formative years as the apprentice to a government-sponsored assassin, and is now a single mother struggling to figure out why she’s never succeeded at anything in life the way she did at, you know — killing people. When she and her daughter Alea find themselves attacked in their home, she joins an aging colleague of her former mentor’s and begins to unravel her past as she fights to secure her daughter’s future.

He continued, adding “I’m excited for people to meet Amara and her “family.” I think we’ve created a unique protagonist with a backstory and a “hook” that will deepen as the story moves forward. One of the underlying themes examines the ways we relate to our loved ones in the wake of difficult decision-making, which hopefully adds some depth to what is, on the surface, an action-oriented genre tale.”

Molnar shared his own excitement about the book, saying “What attracted me to Clay’s concept for the series was the normal problems that the characters are dealing with. The book may have a larger than life plot device pushing it forward, but it’s the personal details of the main characters’ relationships that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to.”

He also spoke a little about his new artistic approach for the series, adding “It’s quite different than what people have come to expect from me. While my style of storytelling and panel design hasn’t changed much from what I’ve done in the past, my line art on MILES TO GO will be more loose and sketchy. It will also be the first project that I’ve done the color art on. As we get further along in the series I plan to rely on color more often and plan out each book’s color scheme at the layout stage.”

Featuring letters from Thomas Mauer and a retailer incentive cover from the one and only Francesco Francavilla, MILES TO GO #1 goes on sale September 9th 2020, and you can feast your eyes on some preview artwork below.


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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