Birds of Prey & Teen Titans GO! added to DC’s ‘Daily Digital First’ Release Slate

As we head into week 6 of DC’s ongoing “Daily Digital First” release slate, the publisher is throwing some new titles into the mix, with Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice and Teen Titans Go! Booyah replacing Wonder Woman and DC Super Hero Girls on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.

Featuring original stories at a low price point, these digital releases have been a real godsend for comic book fans over the last five weeks, giving them a chance to indulge their fix in a way that hopefully exposes new readers to new creators and characters.

As always, DC Digital First comics are available from participating digital retailers, including, Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and more.

You can feast your eyes on preview and cover arrtwork from each of the upcoming daily releases for the week beginning Monday the 25th below.

Monday 25th May – Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #6 (Comixology)

“What Makes a City – Part 2” by Rob Venditti, Paul Pelletier, Drew Hennessy, Adriano Lucas and Clayton Cowles

Lex Luthor’s gone Big Brother in Metropolis after placing new hi-tech security cameras around the city to put an end to crime, and Superman with it!


Tuesday 26th May – Batman: Gotham Nights #6 (Comixology)

“Balyushka!” by Mark Russell, Viktor Bogdanović, Jonathan Glapion, Ivan Plascencia and Tom Napolitano

The Joker has the perfect plan to cause mass chaos in Gotham City, one so simple—and legal—not even Batman can stop it!


Wednesday 27th May – Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice #1

“Fight or Flight” by Gail Simone, Inaki Miranda, John Kalisz and Travis Lanham

When a new hospital collapses into a sinkhole in the middle of Gotham City, Harley Quinn tries to convince Huntress and Black Canary to investigate. But can the Birds of Prey really trust the Clown Princess of Crime? Or do Harley’s true allegiances lie elsewhere?


Thursday 28th May – Aquaman: Deep Dives #6 (Comixology)

“Stinging Tide – Part 2” by Steve Orlando, V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, Andrew Dalhouse and Wes Abbott

While investigating an abandoned Scorpio base, Aquaman and the Sea Devils unwittingly activate an old Scorpio weapon…The Torpedoman! Now they must turn the tides and stop this killing machine before it decimates an Atlantean Science Outpost!


Friday 29th May – Flash: Fastest Man Alive #6 (Comixology)

“Perfect World” by Jeff Parker, Miguel Mendonça, Mike Spicer and Rob Leigh

Gorilla Grodd takes control of the Senate and declares war on Canada! Only the Flash is fast enough to stop him—but will he be enthralled by Grodd and his desire to create the perfect world instead?

“Rational Thought” by Jeff Parker, Ramon Villalobos, David Baron and Rob Leigh

Barry Allen’s world is turned upside down when he learns that everything he knows is wrong—the Earth is flat, animals can talk, and the moon landings were a hoax! Can the Scarlet Speedster prove that science is still true—or have the conspiracy theorists been right all along?


Saturday 30th May – Teen Titans Go! Booyah #1

“The Hic You Say?!” by Sholly Fisch, Marcelo DiChiara, Franco Riesco and Gabriela Downie

Starfire’s Tamaranean hiccups are just like regular ones—except for the explosions! Can the Teen Titans help her stop them before all of Jump City is destroyed?


Sunday 31st May – Swamp Thing: New Roots #6 (Comixology)

“The Seeds of Destruction” by Mark Russell, Marco Santucci, John Kalisz and Dave Sharpe

Swamp Thing foiled Sunderland’s plan to create sentient, self-harvesting crops, but now Sunderland is aiming even higher. It could mean the end of the world as we know it…and the beginning of a brand-new one.


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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