Meet The Team

12063594_742493985855317_7074447552222713715_nTeam BCP is a collection of comic book enthusiasts from across the globe who have united for a shared goal; to promote the medium of comic book culture in any way possible, and to hopefully carry our love for the medium to as wide an audience as we can.

The Editorial Team

Craig Neilson-Adams (Twitter)
Chris Bennett (Twitter)
Martin Doyle (Twitter)
Jules Boyle (Twitter)


Andrew McGlinn (Twitter)
Andrew Melrose (Twitter)
Andrew Stevens (Twitter)
Catriona McGlinn (Twitter)
Chris Jobson (Twitter)
Christopher Napier (Twitter)
Claire Stevenson (Twitter)
David Gladman (Twitter)
Dean Walsh (Twitter)
Garry Mac (Twitter)
Hazel Hay (Twitter)
John Wallace (Twitter)
Kieran Fisher (Twitter)
Kirsty Hunter (Twitter)
Laurence Almalvez (Twitter)
Louise Saul (Twitter)
Rebecca Booth (Twitter)
Ross Sweeney (Twitter)
Sam Graven (Twitter)


Jamie Wilson – Co-Founder
Samii Morton – Co-Founder
Stuart Duff – Co-Founder
James McQueen – Reviewer
Joe Morrison – Reviewer
David V. McKintyre – BCPodcast Host
Blair Stevenson – Reviewer
Shane Hoffman – Reviewer
Elf Lyons – Columnist
Ben McIntosh – Contributor
Gary Kane – Co-Founder
Greg Watt – Co-Founder
Alan Shields – Contributor

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