BCP Interview – Andrea Mutti

Marvel Zombies Return: Iron Man (written by David Wellington)

Marvel Zombies Return: Iron Man (written by David Wellington)

Previously an interview had been arranged with Italian artist Andrea Mutti, Whose work you will have seen on Marvel Zombies Return, Iron Man vs Whiplash, Daken, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and more recently Saucer County and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [more on that later].

Needless to say the admin who arranged it was swamped with other stuff and experiencing technical difficulties so, bing bang boom I took over. Here is what Andrea had to say:

Big Comic Page: So, what got you into comics in the first place?

Andrea Mutti: Ehy! I work in this field since 20 years ago and remain a strong reader, first of all. I dont forget the origins of the passion. I try to see and read much more to get  better and better. To get the best approach for the story that I will draw so as not to have just one graffic style but to have different styles and, I think and I hope it’s a good thing for not be boring at all.

BCP: So how does an artist from Italy get noticed internationally?

AM: Because is an handsome devil? ;)…, I think that it is the passion that drive your way. I really love the international comics markets, and I go around during the festivals or comicon to show my stuff. In italy, during these past years, several international publishers have been invited for comics events and it is a really good point for showing your work to them.

Andrea himself

Andrea himself

BCP: What’s the comic scene like in Italy?

AM: So, in Italy we have a long and solid history the crisis is heavy here too, but we don’t lose the passion and the strength to go on and build something new and interesting. With Bonelli editore that is the best one, there are some different publishers that try to move the market. Western and adventure stories are our force.

BCP: We recently interviewed Denise Mina who told us what it was like from a writers perspective adapting Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, What is like from an artist perspective adapting a book/film like that?

AM: It is a challenge first of all because we work on an adaptation very popular and super cool! so we must “fight” with all the readers that love the novels. Each reader has a specific personal idea about this or that in the novel. I am sure that the team have done a great job especially for the climax of the story. We can found the same creepy and scary and violent atmosphere in the comics. Denise has done great job here I am so pleased and glad to be on board.

BCP: Any hints about what we should expect from book 2 in May?

AM: Surprises! the graffic approach is much more rich, textures and so. it will be interesting and the colors are amazing. Don’t forget that I work with Leo [Leonardo Manco] too he is the one.

Andrea's version of Black Lantern Batman

Andrea’s version of Black Lantern Batman

BCP: At this point you have worked for Dark Horse, Marvel, IDW and Vertigo/DC – are there any titles you would like to work on?

I’m privileged these are the major publishers that build my passion like reader before being published. I have really no limits and I am really open. One of my great passion is BATMAN, HELLBOY and HELLBLAZER I really hope to have a chance to draw something on them! dreams are free no? ;)

BCP: You have drawn Iron Man on occasion did you like the character beforehand and what would you like to see in the new Iron Man movie?

AM: Much more Iron Man in action compared the 2nd film. Join the Iron armor! ;)

And that was all he included, Big thanks to Andrea taking the time to do that and as mentioned we have an interview with Denise Mina coming up so keep an eye out folks.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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