Mug of Duff – “Fight, fight, FIGHT!”

392874_512171178829143_98805238_nHappy Tuesday guys and welcome to my first blog on the all new (and better) page!

In light of recent events it seems only appropriate that the topic for consideration be the idea of a good old fashioned scrap but I’ve also been given permission to let you guys in on the first big event (other than the book group) that we’re running.

If you think about it, in comics nobody ever settles their disputes by talking. Perhaps if someone invited Doctor Doom to come in and talk about just how inferior Reed Richards is over a nice brew of Negative Zone blend coffee (which would probably be Decaff, I guess so maybe that’s a bad example) then problems might be solved with less collateral damage overall whilst teaching little Timmy the reader to use his words and not his fists in the school yard.

However, that wouldn’t be popular would it? Who wants to see Bruce Banner smash a well-constructed argument with some razor sharp repartee when they could see the Hulk uppercut someone across a Stateline?

Nobody, that’s who. Even on our own page some of the most engaging and entertaining thread’s we’ve hosted have been on the subject of ‘Who would win in a fight?’ and after the Super- Villain versus contest we were inundated with questions about when the next tournament would go live.

Without dwelling on the past too much, we were forbidden to run another such contest under the auspices of our former management’s “Screw what the fan’s want, I’m not having it on MY page” attitude. However now that we have our own page and can concentrate on entertaining you rather than feeding our own egos it’s my pleasure to announce…

“The Superteen Schoolyard Battle Royale!”

That’s right, starting next week we will be running our third tournament and we’ll be focusing on the younger generation of heroes in a no holds barred one-on-one (no hauners) brawl. Taking inspiration from Avengers Arena and Mad Max our contestants will fight one at a time in an isolated arena where two men enter but only one man leaves. Or woman as the case may be. More rules and information will be forthcoming over the rest of this week but I’m genuinely excited to see the arguments going live.

Catch you all there!

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