Samii’s Thought of the Week! – Costumes


Hello and happy Wednesday!

Today means I can write about something that has either been bothering me for a while, or for a week.

My thoughts go onto costumes this week!

In comic books, costume changes always happen, sometimes for the best, like Robins outfit change from those green pants, and sometimes for the worst, like Mod Wonder Woman, oh dear!

I’ve been wondering what it would be like in comics if they kept the same costumes from the very beginning, to see how they would be drawn in todays industry, but with the old costumes, I think it would look pretty cool.

But what I want to know is what are your best and worst costume changes in the comic world? Some are downright ugly!

My worst has got to be what they have Harley Quinn wearing right now in Suicide Squad, it just doesn’t suit her at all, bring back the red and black suit, it’s a classic!

– Sammi

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