BCP Interview with David “Lo Pan” (Psyko Dalek)

39265_513437442035850_78097513_nWhat’s up peeps, Recently I had a wee Chat with Psyko Dalek frontman and host of the Big Fkin Horror Podcast David “Lo Pan” about comics and possible future collaborations between us at BCP and his Fkin horror page. here’s what he had to say.

Thanks for coming on board for a wee interview David, Tell us a wee bit about yourself for those not familiar with your work.

Well my names David, but I DJ under David Lo Pan (Big Trouble In Little China reference, yes!) I sing for Psyko Dalek, a rap rock band from Glasgow. Massive MASSIVE horror buff and I recently started up a horror podcast which I’ve been wanting to do for years. I never had time to get round to it before but now that I actually HAVE the time, its going great so far!

What was it that first got you into comics then? Do you still read and if so what are you currently into?

Believe it or not, it was the original Nightbreed Comics that got me into them. I had read bits and bobs before, mostly DC orientated, but being a big fan of Clive Barkers Nightbreed, I managed to come across the whole collection in the West End. Bought every one of them and still got them!!

What have been your all time favourite storylines in comics?

250px-Frank_Miller_RoboCop_1Frank Millers Robocop! Always hits the spot. Robocops always been a massive influence on my taste in comics and movies. I even have an OCP tattoo! There’s actually 23 issues of a Robocop comic set in Marvel Universe from the really early 90s. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Superman : RED SUN. Whats not to like? Especially with the explanation of the House of El, and the timeline etc at the end. Superman and Luthor related? That’s what I’m talking about!!

Apart from comics and music, what else are you into?

Horror movies, and playing in the band. I’ve actually been doing taekwondo for (counts) 21 years this year too. Always good to keep fit even if I am ridiculously lazy! I spend too much time playing gears of war on xbox.

Your band Psyko Dalek have been fairly successful over the past few years, what have been the highlights so far?

Thanks man! The highlight so far has been touring Europe with Limp Bizkit. Some of the venues were ridiculous. Massive arenas! We also got the play the Heineken Music Hall next to the Ajax stadium in Holland. On the tour as well they kept getting me out to sing FULL NELSON with them, so the teenage boy in me was on Cloud 9! Also, being an AVID wrestling fan, playing ICW and doing a sommersault off the turnbuckles, over the barrier, into the crowd is probably in the top 3 moments of my life so far hahaha!

What can we expect from the band in the future and when can folk next see you perform?

Well at the moment we’re recording an album, and we’re *just* about to sign to a label. We’re just waiting on the contract being written up before we sign our souls away to the devil. We’ve been confirmed for ICW at the O2 ABC in Glasgow later on in the year, which is going to be OFF! THE! CHAIN!! If you haven’t checked out an ICW show so far, then do it!!

08-michael-myers-jason-voorheesYou have recently started your own podcast titled “The big fkin podcast” Tell us a bit about that and what made you want to do it?

I’m really opinionated when it comes to horrors and movies, and when me and the missus sit and watch the review show on TV, I just sit and swear at it and slag the guy on it. I’ve been moaning for years “aww I’m going to do my own that isn’t s**t! ” and she goes “Well what’s stopping you? You’ve got a studio, do it”. I was speechless. I literally had NO comeback for what she said, so I went ahead and started it up almost instantly, and so far the reception has been good. A word of warning though, if you’re going to check it out, you should know it’s very NSFW!

We are running a big “superteen showdown” on the page, Who’s your pick to win? any big vs battles you’d like to see us run in the future or collaborate with on?

Superman should win everything. Someone once told me that Hulk could smash Superman, and then when he tried to explain it, we fell out for 3 months. I went into all the different types of Kryptonite (why not? It’s part of the mythos now!) and I realise Hulk only gets stronger, but still, its SUPERMAN! If hulk can genetically alter blue Kryponite into his DNA then I said it would be a fair shout. Infact, just as I thought of that, HULK VS DOOMSDAY!!!

Finally for fun. If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

I would have the power of mind control, so that I could stop all these s**tty remakes!!!

Thanks again for agreeing to the interview David and we look forward to hearing from you again.

Thanks for having me guys, next time it’s my turn to get you on the horror podcast! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

There you go folks, make sure you check out The big fkin horror podcast at

And his band Psyko Dalek at

And be sure to follow our pages and keep your eyes peeled for our planned crossover event in the near future which is guaranteed to be awesome.

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