Stuff and things: 24th March 2013

562630_514547215258206_2113820041_n A’Whatup! This week I had a good chinwag with Mr David “Lo Pan” of Psyko Dalek and ended up doing a wee interview for the page after we got talking about cross promotions with the big fkin horror podcast (check it out by the way) and I ended up thinking about the crossover between music and comics. Now I know what y’all are thinking “Comics don’t have music though!” and you’re right, BUT there’s a good chance that you as an individual (and as a collective audience) are into music of some kind (unless you are deaf and I apologize) which now brings me to my point. What is the soundtrack to your reading experience? I read a lot of comics on my kindle fire (which is freakin awesome) and normally I’ll have spotify running in the background as i read which provides me with an actual soundtrack to my reading but over the years I feel my brain is now conditioned to hear certain sounds for certain scenes in print. Here’s an example. What I read big battle scenes in comics my brain instantly hears the chugging guitars of a Nu-Metal soundtrack, I cant help it. I grew up in the 90’s and Nu-Metal was huge, every action/horror film had a Nu-Metal soundtrack as well as introducing every WWF/WWE PPV event. Essentially it’s built into my brain, same as if i read something sad I hear soft piano/string music, when I read a romantic scene it’s either soft pop rock or saxophone music (depending on how “romantic” the scene is. Anyone around my age who remembers Channel 5 on a Friday night knows exactly why) whenever there’s big panels of open landscapes I hear big orchestra music like Star Wars or LOTR style “majestic” music…..the list goes on and on basically. What I’m curious about is if any of you fellow readers do the same? What kind of music do you hear when you read or what do you like to listen to while you read? For a little extra fun I looked up the old “I-pod shuffle game” online and if any of you would like to kill 5 minutes please feel free to play along and create the soundtrack to your life. Thanks for checking out my blog and also the page, hope y’all had a good weekend, till next time. Happy Listening! (J) Shuffle game. So heres how it works: – Open your choice of music player and put it on shuffle. – Press play. – For every question type the song thats on. – And when you go to a new question press the next button. No cheating. Ready? GO! Opening credits: Me vs Hero – We’re not going home (we don’t care what time it is) Waking up: Cold Naked Protest – The Shizit Average day: Rusko – Cockney Thug First date: The Toxic Avenger – NU 1553 Falling in love: Belle and Sebastian – Wandering Alone Breaking up: Darkest Hour – Man & Swine Getting back together: New Found Glory – 47 Life’s okay: Dry Kill Logic – Paper Tiger Mental breakdown: Limp Bizkit – Creamer (Radio is Dead) Driving: Sworn Enemy – Innocence Lost Flashback: 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill Partying: Iron Maiden – Wasted Years Lets Happy dance: Caspa – Marmite Regretting: The Devil Wears Prada – Escape Long night alone: Example – I don’t want to Death scene: Alexisonfire – Control End Credits: Alkaline Trio – Armageddon


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