Samii’s Thought of the Week: Confessions

893215_515770025135925_2130596192_oSorry for being rather late today guys and girls, lot of stuff going on at Camp Samii just now, but I’ll be back on form next week.

Being on this comic page has opened my eyes to a lot of comics out there that I never thought about reading, or just didn’t even know existed.

I’ve always been very much a DC Comic fan, and stuck to them like glue unless it was someone like Deadpool or X-Men that came out that really interested me, but I can slowly feel myself changing my ways and going to different indie comics, and finding myself looking at Marvel comics. Because of the book group I bought Civil War, I had heard about it but never read it which is crazy!

I’ve been saying to myself for a while that I’m going to put down my Bird of Preys and Gotham City Sirens and go to the Marvel side to find myself some more super heroines, or at least a really good story arc, so I will need some help from the good people of this page!

Are you like me and stick to specific comics or publishers, or do you just go and pick up whatever interests you on the day?
What was your favourite arcs in any series, and what would you recommend to me Marvel wise?

I want to get out of my DC obsession and be one with all comics!


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