“I Hate It Here” – Mobile Edition

panelflyIt seems oddly appropriate that I’m writing this on my phone, as I wanted to talk about digital comics.

Up until very recently, i was a big supporter of the physical medium. I love the feeling of having *something*in my hands that I can turn the pages and feel, theres something special as well about getting to share these books with people.

However, when Marvel announced that they were putting out 700 free number 1’s, my interest was peaked. I got the Comixology app, and managed to download 80 or so issues, and I have to say, I’m impressed! It was a totally different experience, I don’t think I’m a convert but I can definitely see the plus sides to it; ease of access, storage, and for the most part, they’re cheaper.

There is also a wealth of content by writers such as Jamie Smart, Dirk Manning and Warren Ellis that is put out for free as a webcomic, and they are fantastic. I would reccomend Corporate Skull by Jamie Smart especially, as well as Nightmare World by Dirk Manning.

What are your experiences with digital/web based comics? Sound off in the comments!



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