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553285_517210638325197_562239162_nWhatup peeps!

Anyone paying attention to comic news over the last few weeks would have noticed talk of the Deadpool movie has been doing the rounds once again. Apparently there’s “awesome” test footage been shot with Ryan Reynolds and directed by Tim Miller. The script was penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and apparently was leaked briefly online last week while the writers were doing the rounds promoting the release of GI Joe Retaliation (coincidence eh?) and while I can neither confirm nor deny getting a hold of the script in question, some very close “sources” (cough cough) have confirmed that it is awesome.

The downside is that the script is very much an R Rated movie and Hollywood is very touchy when it comes to promoting “adult” superhero movies. Recently Dredd “flopped” (a travesty as the film was SPECTACULAR) in cinemas but did very well in home sales and a lot of blame was placed on the fact the film was R rated.

On the flip side however Kick-ass did very well in cinemas and the sequel is due out in the next few weeks so it seems to be a bit hit and miss. I feel a lot of it can be down to the timing of a films release. Dredd came out a week or so after Dark Knight Rises (I think) so promotion for the film largely went by unnoticed so timing it seems is a key factor.

The Deadpool script (not that I’ve read it *cough*) is pretty much perfect in it’s blend of ridiculous OTT violence, adult humour and even breaking of the fourth wall and it would be a shame to see a watered down version be released based on the possibility of it not being a huge box office success. Deadpool has always been a cult favourite and would generate cult success in cinemas and be pretty huge in home sales (I imagine) and with an R rated videogame on the way, It may be down to the success of the game before we see the movie get the green light.

It’s sad really that we see plenty of comics aimed at mature teens and adult readers yet movie producers get the fear if the movie adaptations aren’t accessible enough to sell action figures to kids.

Whats your thoughts on R Rated superhero movies? Do you care if Deadpool see’s the light of day or not?

Till next week, Sound off in the comments!



This weeks soundtrack:

(1) I Am Revenge – Pit Justice.
(2) Rise of the Northstar – Protect Ya Chest.
(3) Emmure – She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool.
(4) The Acacia Strain – Doomblade.
(5) Casey Jones – Hammer the Nails.

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